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Iowa Crowns 5 to Win Midlands

With Walsh-Ryan Arena being renovated, the 55th Midlands moved out to the suburbs and had plenty of action. Iowa's run of ruling the Midlands was supposed to be in jeopardy, but they crowned five champions and won the team score by nearly 50 points. 

The buzz coming from the tournament about Iowa's improvements with freshman Alex Marinelli, an improved Cash Wilcke, and a healthier Sam Stoll was topped by controversy involving redshirted freshman phenom Spencer Lee. He rolled into the semis crushing a couple ranked guys in the process. In the semis, Bresser (Oregon State) held him at bay until a whizzer situation turned into a inside trip for a reversal. Bresser got high with a headlock as time ticked off the clock and Lee did not get the stall call or the reversal. Nick Suriano (Rutgers) would survive Bresser to win the tournament. 

Seth Gross (South Dakota State) & Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) continue to look unstoppable. Gross earned the most points of the tournament. 

Mason Smith (Central Michigan) gave the Chippewas as his sophomore season continues to be a step up from his freshman effort. The funky Smith can hit tilts and ride tough wherever the situation. 

Emery Parker (Illinois) is another sophomore improving upon last year's performance. He took him the 184 title with a great win over the post-grad Nate Jackson (Indiana/Princeton). 

As far as our picks, they weren't too bad. Tommy & Kevin tied with 26 points and Brandon Olinger was just behind at 24. 

At Hoffman Estates, Ill., December 29-30

Outstanding Wrestler – Seth Gross (South Dakota State), 133-pound champion
Champion of Champions – Alex Marinelli (Iowa), 165-pound champion

Team Standings
1. Iowa 156.5
2. Rutgers 109.5
3. Central Michigan 108
4. Arizona State 106.5
5. South Dakota State 99
6. Northwestern 85.5
7. Purdue 84
8. Princeton 73
9. Iowa-Unattached 58.5
10. Penn 54

Final Results
125 pounds
1st – Nick Suriano (Rutgers) dec. Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State), 2-1
3rd – Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) maj. dec. Zeke Moisey (West Virginia), 15-2
5th – Sean Russell (Edinboro) forfeit Spencer Lee (Iowa-Unattached)
7th – Luke Welch (Purdue) dec. Devin Schroder (Purdue), 7-1

133 pounds
1st – Seth Gross (South Dakota State) fall Bryan Lantry (Buffalo), 2:47
3rd – Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers) dec. Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh), 3-1 SV1
5th – Dylan Duncan (Illinois) dec. Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern), 6-2
7th – Paul Konrath (Wisconsin-Unattached) dec. Korbin Myers (Edinboro), 3-2

141 pounds
1st – Mason Smith (Central Michigan) dec. Cole Weaver (Indiana), 6-0
3rd – Tyler Smith (Bucknell) dec. Nate Limmex (Purdue), 10-4
5th – Max Murin (Iowa-Unattached) dec. Carter Happel (Iowa), 5-2
7th – Yahya Thomas (Northwestern-Unattached) maj. dec. Colton Schilling (Cal Poly), 10-2

149 pounds
1st – Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) dec. Justin Oliver (Central Michigan), 4-2
3rd – Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) dec. Pat Lugo (Iowa-Unattached), 8-5
5th – Jason Tsirtsis (Arizona State) dec. Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton), 5-4
7th – Austin O`Connor (North Carolina) fall Steven Bleise (Minnesota-Unattached), 0:57

157 pounds
1st – Michael Kemerer (Iowa) dec. Joshua Shields (Arizona State), 5-2
3rd – John Vanschenkbrill (Rutgers) dec. Mike D`Angelo (Princeton), 7-4
5th – Luke Zilverberg (South Dakota State) dec. Justin Staudenmayer (Brown), 5-0
7th – Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) dec. Larry Early (Old Dominion), 7-1

165 pounds
1st – Alex Marinelli (Iowa) dec. Jon Schleifer (Princeton), 3-1 SV1
3rd – Richie Lewis (Rutgers) dec. over Anthony Valencia (Arizona State), 5-2
5th – Kaleb Young (Iowa) dec. May Bethea (Penn), 2-0
7th – Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) dec. Logan Peterson (South Dakota State), 7-5

174 pounds
1st – Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) maj. dec. David Kocer (South Dakota State), 18-7
3rd – Dylan Lydy (Purdue) dec. Mikey Labriola (Nebraska-Unattached), 3-2
5th – Christian Brucki (Central Michigan) fall Garrett Sutton (Michigan), 5:53
7th – Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern) maj. dec. Devin Skatzka (Indiana), 14-5

184 pounds
1st – Emery Parker (Illinois) dec. Nate Jackson (Princeton WC), 8-2
3rd – Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan) dec. Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh), 7-0
5th – Joe Heyob (Penn) forfeit Nick Gravina (Rutgers)
7th – Martin Mueller (South Dakota State) dec. Kayne MacCallum (Eastern Michigan), 10-4

197 pounds
1st – Cash Wilcke (Iowa) dec. Frank Mattiace (Penn), 3-1 SV1
3rd – Christian Brunner (Purdue) forfeit Nate Rotert (South Dakota State)
5th – Pat Brucki (Princeton) dec. Jacob Warner (Iowa-Unattached), 4-2
7th – Jackson Striggow (Michigan) forfeit Jacob Smith (West Virginia)

285 pounds
1st – Sam Stoll (Iowa) dec. Tanner Hall (Arizona State), 2-1
3rd – Youssif Hemida (Maryland) fall Matt Stencel (Central Michigan), 1:03
5th – Conan Jennings (Northwestern) forfeit Amar Dhesi (Oregon State)
7th – Shawn Streck (Purdue) inj. def. Jake Gunning (Buffalo), 5:00