Hodge Watch

This is Hodge Watch as a list of guys who can win the wrestling version of the Heisman this season. A couple factors go in to this list which may be unlike others you may see. Previous accomplishments, undefeated or near undefeated record this year, amount of matches wrestled, and signature wins (past and potential).  

Last updated December 19th, 2016. 

1. Gabe Dean (Cornell) 184

2. Zain Retherford (Penn State) 149

3. Isiah Martinez (Illinois) 165

4. Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) 285

5. J'Den Cox (Missouri) 197

6. Jason Nolf (Penn State) 157

7. Thomas Gilman (Iowa) 125

8. Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) 133

9. Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) 285

10. Bo Nickal (Penn State) 184

11. Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) 141