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Fact Check of Episode #5

We couldn't resist the opportunity of catching Cael on his way to the vans

We couldn't resist the opportunity of catching Cael on his way to the vans

We didn't screw up as many things this week or at least not nearly as blatantly. Here is a fact check anyway. 

- I (Tommy) take full blame for the screeching halt the episode hit when I drew a blank on a potential Joey Davis (undefeated 2-time D2 National Champion) vs Ohio State starter match-up at the Michigan State Open. Davis was a 165 as a freshman and last year was a 174 as a sophomore. He won the MSU Open last year when Taylor Massa injury defaulted to him. Mark Martin will be the starting 174 for Ohio State and is ranked 12 by Flo Wrestling. Martin would be a heck of a test for this phenom trying to go through college undefeated. There will be some good match-ups at the MSU Open especially if Ohio State (with how strong they are shaping up to be), Michigan, and Edinboro bring all or most of their starters. 

       - Note: Massa was up at 174 due to Alpha weigh-in before wrestling the rest of his redshirt year. He did beat Mark Martin 6-2 in the 1/4 final. Another interesting result from last year was Bo Jordan (Ohio State) pinning Ryan Leblanc (Indiana) at 4:23 in the finals. (The Buckeyes might be scary good this year)

- Alex Dieringer won a Silver at Junior Worlds in Freestyle in the summer of 2013.  

- We talked about the unlimited Overtime in the Flo Premier League and our appreciation for it. We stumbled over an example of a overtime before FILA mandated the stupid criteria system we have. I believe I was recalling when Jordan Burroughs wrestled Kyle Dake at the 2013 World Team Trials. One of their matches ended up 6-6 and they put 10 minutes on the clock. It didn't last long taking all of 9 seconds for Burroughs to get to a leg and expose Dake in the scramble.