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Fact Check of Episode #6

The Moss Arts Center will host three Virginia Tech Wrestling matches this season.

The Moss Arts Center will host three Virginia Tech Wrestling matches this season.

Episode 6 was a lot of opinions as we head in to the 2014-2015 season, so we didn't have too much room for error (lucky for us). Anyway, I like doing this as a fact check / supplement to the episode each week. Even if we didn't make many mistakes, it's nice to add to the episode with data when possible. 

- Tony Ramos did not record a loss to Graff last season. His two losses on the year were a 3-2 loss to Schopp (Edinboro) and famously getting caught and pinned by "prison strength" Joe Colon (Northern Iowa) in the finals of the Midlands. Ramos got the 3 seed behind these two guys and ran the table for the championship. 

- James Green (Nebraska) and Dylan Ness (Minnesota) split the two matches they wrestled last year. Green won 7-3 in their dual. Ness, of course, won with the roll and pin in the quarterfinals of the NCAA's at 3:36. 

- Virginia Tech will be hosting three duals (not one) in their brand new campus theater, Moss Arts Center. The duals will be Virginia on February 1st, Pittsburgh on February 6th, and NC State on February 8th. 

- They of course didn't steal Tommy's idea of hosting home duals in a theater. However, it is a good concept. Wrestling is the only sport that can actually host (if the stage is big enough) a sporting event in a theater. Wrestling teams do not need a full basketball court  to have a match. You have to appreciate out of the box thinking of using the fact/advantage that we can roll out a mat and have a match just about anywhere (especially if you have a nice climate). Tommy's idea was to change all their high school home matches to a theater to grow the sport at the school. Maybe this will become a really cool thing that Virginia Tech does for all matches. Why not?

- And here's the best preseason video you can find. It was last year, but try not being motivated watching it.