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Where is David Taylor?

David Taylor was one of the most exciting college wrestlers of all time, but where is he? After graduating his illustrious career at Penn State, Taylor competed for the US Open and World Team Trials titles. His only matches he lost were, of course, to Jordan Burroughs. He has not competed since. In the last ten days American senior level wrestling has been very busy. We sent the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club to the Freestyle World Clubs Cup, sent a team of guys to the Brazil Cup, Aaron Pico won the Henri Deglane Challenge in France, had the Flo Premier League 2 event, and had the Global Wrestling Championships event handing out cash & belts.

Where is Taylor though? The Magic Man has seemingly disappeared on the tournament scene. One would think Taylor is perhaps the biggest draw the Flo Premier League (or any of the other promotions) could obtain. He could be wrestling in significant matches and making good money doing it. 

A different avenue is USA Wrestling has to want him wrestling internationally gaining experience if he is to unseat Burroughs (and Kyle Dake) for Rio in 2016. Another option is to move down to a non-olympic weight class which other wrestlers have done since you weigh in the day before rather than 60 minutes before in college. Gaining a year of experience at the World Championships, World Cup, and other events would seemingly help him garner the Olympic spot more than it could possibly hurt. 

We all know Taylor has the talent to win any match. I guess more than anything I write this article for selfish reasons. I want to see him on the mat anywhere possible. The sport of wrestling is better off for it. Hopefully we will see it soon all over the USA and the world. 

Until then, watching the Taylor vs Burroughs final in the US Open on Youtube never gets old.