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Big Ten Rankings

Here are the ranked wrestlers in the Big Ten using Flo's rankings. 

125- Delgado is still yet to wrestle this season and expect him to be challenged by Gilman and Tomasello when he returns.

1-  Jesse Delgado (Illinois)
5- Thomas Gilman (Iowa)
7- Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)
8- Jordan Conaway (Penn State)
13- Tim Lambert (Nebraska)
18- Sam Brancale (Minnesota)

133- Dardanes is the new #1 after Schopp (Edinboro) lost at the Midlands. An impressive 10 guys in the Big Ten are ranked right now, and this weight is really wide open case and point by DiJulius beating Clark. 

1- Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)
3- Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State)
4- Cory Clark (Iowa)
5- Zane Richards (Illinois)
8- Rossi Bruno (Michigan)
10- Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State)
11- Javier Gasca (Michigan State)
15- Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin)
16- Danny Sabatello (Purdue)
20- Geoff Alexander (Maryland)

141- There are talented guys here, but Stieber shouldn't be touched this year.

1- Logan Stieber (Ohio State)
4- Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)
5- Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers)
6- Stephen Dutton (Michigan)
7- Josh Dziewa (Iowa)
14- Anthony Abidin (Nebraska)

149- Tsirtsis is the returning National Champ. Sorensen and Pantaleo are impressive freshmen. You have to think the real Hunter Stieber will show up at some point as well.

1- Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)
6- Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)
8- Hunter Stieber (Ohio State)
12- Alec Pantaleo (Michigan)
16- Zach Beitz (Penn State)

157- All of these guys have been really impressive at times, but Ness & Green have separated themselves at this point.

1- Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
2- James Green (Nebraska)
4- Josh Demas (Ohio State)
6- Isiah Martinez (Illinois)
7- Dylan Alton (Penn State)
15- Mike Kelly (Iowa)
17- Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers)
20- Brian Murphy (Michigan)

165- This weight is awesome and exciting in the Big Ten. It will produce amazing matchups all dual season and in the tournament.

4- Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin)
5- Taylor Walsh (Indiana)
6- Bo Jordan (Ohio State)
7- Pierce Harger (Northwestern)
8- Jackson Morse (Illinois)
9- Nick Moore (Iowa)
10- Taylor Massa (Michigan)
16- Nick Wanzek (Minnesota)

174- The big 4 guys here are still the top 4 in the country and will continue to trade wins and losses till St Louis. 

1-    Robert Kokesh (Nebraska)
2-    Mike Evans (Iowa)
3-    Logan Storley (Minnesota)
4-    Matt Brown (Penn State)
11- Zac Brunson (Illinois)
14- Davonte Mahomes (Michigan)
17- Frank Cousins (Wisconsin)
19- Nate Jackson (Indiana)

184- Brooks isn't disappointing this year while the rest of the guys here haven't really got on track yet.

7- Sammy Brooks (Iowa)
10- Domenic Abounader (Michigan)
13- Brett Pfarr (Minnesota)
15- Kenny Courts (Ohio State)
17- Matt McCutcheon (Penn State)
19- TJ Dudley (Nebraska)

197- The top 6 guys have looked really really good this year. This is a ridiculous weight. 

1- Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
4- Morgan McIntosh (Penn State)
6- Nathan Burak (Iowa)
7- Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)
8- Max Huntley (Michigan)
9- Timmy McCall (Wisconsin)
11- Alex Polizzi (Northwestern)
16- Braden Atwood (Purdue)

285- This may not be heavyweight like it was last year, but this year is certainly not void of top talent. The big guys here are 7 of the top 10 with out a doubt. Telford looks like a much better wrestler this year which makes things extra interesting.

1- Bobby Telford (Iowa)
2- Mike McMullan (Northwestern)
5- Connor Medbery (Wisconsin)
 6- Jimmy Lawson (Penn State)
8- Adam Coon (Michigan)
9- Spencer Myers (Maryland)
10- Billy Smith (Rutgers)
13- Nick Tavanello (Ohio State)
19- Michael Kroells (Minnesota)