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We Made it a Year!

I guess this can be our "State of the Union" address here. I'm not exactly sure when we started, but I know it's over a year now and I thought we would share some of the thoughts Kevin & I have had along the way. We started this as something Kevin & I had wanted to do for a long time. It got to the point where I knew what I would say to a kid I coached, "just go fucking do it already". 

So Kevin & I made a promise to do it for a year even if nobody ever cared or paid attention. We knew things wouldn't happen overnight, and we had no idea if we would provide anything entertaining or informational. We were fans of podcasts and mostly podcasts where people fire up the mics and aren't afraid to relax and have some fun with it. There was nothing like it (yet) in the wrestling community. 

Wrestlers take pride in the community of grapplers. We befriend and hire other wrestlers because we know chances are you have a level headed individual with a great work ethic. We tend to put our egos aside and focus on the results. Us launching a podcast where two unqualified guys drink beer and shout about any wrestling topic was met with great appreciation. We have had thousands of listens to our episodes and have yet to receive one negative comment. People like Jason Bryant, the IAWrestle guys, Cary Kolat, Joe Dubuque, and casual wrestling fans across the country have reached out with incredible positivity. The "Wrestling Family" once again proves how amazing it is to be a part of. 

We didn't focus much on sponsors and other business aspects as we just wanted to get our reps in with the podcast and writing the occasional article. From here we will pursue it more to give Bloodround more opportunities to do more for Wrestling. We are excited to see what can develop, but will always be a couple idiots that are just eager to talk some wrestling and not afraid to show up to a practice room and roll around. 

Here's to another year! We aren't going anywhere and truly appreciate the support.