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Wrestling shoes update. Nike went crazy!

It's been a while, but that doesn't mean that I have stopped paying WAY too much attention to wrestling shoes and their trends. It's like Dr Dre says in Forgot about Dre, "Now you wanna run around talk about guns, like I ain't got none, what you think I sold them all?" With that being said, my affinity for wrestling shoes will never die, similarly to Dre's affections for fire arms. 

Like many weekend nights end up since I have had a kid, I find myself watching something on TV at about 8:30 or so and wondering what to do. At that point, there is always checking out wrestling shoes to see if anything new has surfaced of if there are any deals that I can't pass up. This weekend, I was happy to find that there were many MANY new options to choose from. As idiotic as it sounds, if you provide more color choices, you may sell more shoes! The Combat Speeds absolutely capitalized on this in the last year or two. Everyone my age loved the combat speeds, mostly because only good wrestlers wore them. Adidas smartly brought them back and offered more than the initial variety of the Red/Black and Emerald/Yellow/Pink.

Let's not give Adidas too much credit here though. They needed to reintroduce the Combat Speed 3's and eventually offer a second color before they realized how simplistic it would be to simply recreate the classic to sell shoes. It's no wonder they haven't brought back the original Kendall Cross Adistars.

Point being, when you provide color options, people will buy them. That thought process is what Nike appears to have committed to. Not only did they re-release the Nike Freek, but they have re-released their Inflicts, Takedown's, and Speedsweeps in a variety of different colors as well. Initially I was curious to see how the barrage of colors was going to go over. Sure, it seemed like maybe it would take a while for teams to buy in to the change. However, I forgot for a moment that teams change their shoes every year and provide their wrestlers with those shoes. So why not go all in and provide some sweet kicks to our wrestlers? Regardless of Adidas or Nike, the wrestling shoe landscape has never been so colorful. Before this season Nike really only had the Inflicts for their teams, and if their colors weren't Blue, Red, or Gray, you were probably not using Nike as your shoe providers. Now they have greens, yellows, oranges, varieties of blues and reds. It's a cornucopia of colors. 

I'm excited to see all of the new colors and options with Nike, and Adidas. Asics also has their varieties of colors with their Aggressors, and Cael's, but typically those school's aren't sponsored by Asics, so you don't see as much of it. Myself, I couldn't handle all of the color options without having my own. With that being said, all of the new color choices, and I ended up with black on black on black. I don't know what happened. I don't claim that I understand the method to my madness, but I needed these.

It's like a wrestling version of Michigan's Fab Five w the black socks and all black Nike's. That's kind of what I was going for. Anyway, until next time, those were my thoughts on the newest of the wrestling shoes.