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Weekend Recap

Socrates said, "The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know." This weekend has me feeling like that, and like Mugatu, "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

Dual results are always going to be a bit deceiving because of...well math. Each team can have 5 ranked wrestlers and have them match up perfectly with one team getting the lion's share of those matches. Then when the losing team goes and wrestles another team those 5 guys could wrestle the 5 worst guys from the next team. This makes it hard to do any transitive property that you would expect from other team sports since Wrestling really isn't a team sport like Football & Team Handball are. 

Still this weekend gave us some odd results, but that should be exciting. It's nice to show up to a dual meet and not know exactly what is going to happen. Even the non-ranked guys in college were state placers and often champions who didn't get to that level without some mental toughness where if you step on the line with them you better be ready. Odd results happen especially early in the season. Our sport should embrace it. Look at the sports that are covered more in this country. The results, games, and teams that are the biggest stories feature an upset or cinderella of some variety. We should absolutely appreciate the top stars and teams, but without upsets it could be boring and devaluing. 

Oklahoma had a great start to the season heading in to Bedlam and Oklahoma State was not living up to the lofty expectations. So naturally the Cowboys took 9 of the 10 matches from the Sooners in Norman. John Smith made the move that signaled his seriousness towards this season when he announced the removal of the redshirt from Kaid Brock. This happened next. 

A first slick slide by to a takedown and then a double-overhook that eventually settled for a pin. It's fun to watch and re-watch. It's also incredible the spirit that exists in our sport that these young men don't see fear when they see the returning champ they see an opportunity. The Sooners never recovered as Oklahoma State took it to them from then out. 

125: No. 5 Eddie Klimara (OSU) dec. No. 15 Ryan Millhof (OU), 5-3
133: Kaid Brock (OSU) fall No. 2 Cody Brewer (OU); 0:42
141: No. 1 Dean Heil (OSU) MD Trae Blackwell (OU); 13-3
149: Jonce Blaylock (OSU) MD No. 16 Davion Jeffries (OU), 10-2
157: Chance Marsteller (OSU) TF5 Brock Wingbermuehle (OU), 16-1; 6:29
165: No. 1 Alex Dieringer (OSU) MD No. 11 Clark Glass (OU), 13-4
174: No. 2 Kyle Crutchmer (OSU) dec. No. 18 Matt Reed (OU), 9-3
184: No. 18 Nolan Boyd (OSU) TF5 Andrew Dixon (OU), 17-2; 4:46
197: Brad Johnson (OU) dec. Austin Schafer (OSU), 8-6
285: No. 4 Austin Marsden (OSU) dec. No. 7 Ross Larson (OU), 6-1

Nick Tavanello started the dual for Ohio State with a pin. One would have to assume that there's no way the Buckeyes could lose after that, but it happened. Synon pinned DiJulius, Manley clipped Micah Jordan, and Willie Miklus beat the snot out of Kenny Courts 15-0. Missouri won 26-17 in a very entertaining dual to watch. Bo Jordan looked sluggish at 165. Still confused on the cut down for him.

Apparently nobody can beat Missouri in a dual. The Tigers do not have an easy road to defend their National Duals title. They still have to face Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, NC State, and (a trip to) Central Michigan. 

285: #18 Nick Tavanello (OSU) won by fall over James Romero (MU) | OSU 6, Missouri 0
125: #1 Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over #8 Barlow McGhee (MU) 10-1 | OSU 10, Missouri 0
133: #14 Zach Synon (MU) won by fall over #5 Johnni DiJulius 5:59 | OSU 10, Missouri 6
141: #13 Matt Manley (MU) decision over #8 Micah Jordan 4-3 | OSU 10, Missouri 9
149: #5 Lavion Mayes (MU) major decision over Cody Burcher (OSU) 12-3 | Missouri 13, OSU 10
157: #14 Jake Ryan (OSU) major decision over Luke Fortuna (MU) 10-2 | OSU 14, Missouri 13
165: #2 Bo Jordan (OSU) decision over #9 Daniel Lewis (MU) 6-4 | OSU 17, Missouri 13
174: #9 Blaise Butler (MU) major decision over Dominic Prezzia (OSU) 13-3 | OSU 17, Missouri 17
184: #6 Willie Miklus (MU) tech fall over #11 Kenny Courts 15-0 | Missouri 22, OSU 17
197: #2 J'Den Cox (MU) major decision over Mark Martin (OSU) 11-2 | Missouri 26, OSU 17

Penn State beat the crap out of Wisconsin in front of 12,862 people. 

125: #4 Nico Megaludis PSU maj. dec. Johnny Jimenez WIS, 11-3 / 4-0
133: #8 Jordan Conaway PSU win by forfeit / 10-0
141: Kade Moss PSU dec. Luke Rowh WIS, 4-1 / 13-0
149: #1 Zain Retherford PSU pinned Ryan Lubeck WIS, WBF (2:56) / 19-0
157: #3 Jason Nolf PSU pinned TJ Ruschell WIS, WBF (6:00) / 25-0
165: #3 Isaac Jordan WIS dec. Geno Morelli PSU, 5-4 / 25-3
174: #5 Bo Nickal PSU maj. dec. #16 Ricky Robertson WIS, 16-2 / 29-3
184: #13 Matt McCutcheon PSU maj. dec. Ryan Christensen WIS, 14-1 / 33-3
197: #1 Morgan McIntosh PSU dec. Eric Peissig WIS, 7-1 / 36-3
285: Brock Horwath WIS maj. dec. Devon Van Cura PSU, 10-0 / 36-7

After Rutgers got beat up by Iowa, the Scarlet Knights got a criteria win over Nebraska. They got a huge upset when Gravina beat TJ Dudley. Richie Lewis beating up Tyler Berger was a bit of a surprise as well. 

125: #10 Tim Lambert (NEB) dec. #18 Sean McCabe (RUT), 9-4 (NEB 3, RUT 0)
133: #9 Eric Montoya (NEB) dec. #17 Anthony Giraldo (RUT), 2-0 (NEB 6, RUT 0)
141: #3 Anthony Ashnault (RUT) major dec. #17 Anthony Abidin (NEB), 11-2 (NEB 6, RUT 4)
149: #7 Jake Sueflohn (NEB) major dec. Tyson Dippery (RUT), 12-3 (NEB 10, RUT 4)
157: #17 Richie Lewis (RUT) dec. #10 Tyler Berger (NEB), 10-3 (NEB 10, RUT 7)
165: #12 Anthony Perrotti (RUT) dec. #4 Austin Wilson (NEB), 9-4 (NEB 10, RUT 10)
174: #12 Micah Barnes (NEB) dec. Phillip Bakuckas (RUT), 9-3 (NEB 13, RUT 10)
184: Nicholas Gravina (RUT) dec. #4 TJ Dudley (NEB), 3-2 (NEB 13, RUT 13)
197: #16 Aaron Studebaker (NEB) tiebreaker-1 Hayden Hrymack (RUT), 3-1 (NEB 16, RUT 13)
HWT: #6 Billy Smith (RUT) dec. #13 Collin Jensen (NEB), 8-2 (NEB 16, RUT 16)
Note: Rutgers won by criteria (total match points, 51-48) (RUT 17, NEB 16)

Berger had a rough weekend also dropping his match to Mascola, but the Huskers would cruise to defeat Maryland 30-9

141: #17 Anthony Abidin (NEB) dec. Billy Rappo (MD), 7-5 (NEB 3, MD 0)
149: #7 Jake Sueflohn (NEB) dec. Wade Hodges (MD), 2-0 (NEB 6, MD 0)
157: Lou Mascola (MD) fall #10 Tyler Berger (NEB), 4:07 (MD 6, NEB 5)*
165: #4 Austin Wilson (NEB) dec. Derrick Evanovich (MD), 6-1 (NEB 8, MD 6)
174: #12 Micah Barnes (NEB) major dec. Josh Snook (MD), 14-3 (NEB 12, MD 6)
184: #4 TJ Dudley (NEB) dec. Jaron Smith (MD), 9-2 (NEB 15, MD 6)
197: #16 Aaron Studebaker (NEB) pin Garrett Wesneski (MD), 4:01 (NEB 21, MD 6)
HWT: #13 Collin Jensen (NEB) major dec. Youssif Hemida (MD), 16-3 (NEB 25, MD 6)
125: #10 Tim Lambert (NEB) tech. fall Jhared Simmons (MD), 15-0 (5:37) (NEB 30, MD 6)
133: Geoffrey Alexander (MD) dec. #9 Eric Montoya (NEB), 6-2 (NEB 30, MD 9)

South Dakota State beat North Dakota State for the Border Bell. It's a battle of two great young coaches that could be hot items when any jobs come open.