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Olympic Qualifier Picks!

This weekend will feature some decent college wrestling action, but the best action will be in Las Vegas as a whole slew of top talent fights for spots in the Olympic Trials. Many of the top guys haven't qualified yet making this tournament a much higher caliber than what you would expect from a Senior level tournament a week before Christmas. 


57 kg

- Joe Colon is back at it to prove the power of his prison strength. He will have to survive a strong field that includes Coleman Scott dropping down and others including Angel Escobedo, Nathan Tomasello, and Stevan Micic. 

Tommy: Angel Escobedo

Kevin: Joe Colon

65 kg

- This bracket will be sick and we might see the silly short breaks between matches become a factor. Imagine a slobberknocker between Logan Steiber and BJ Futrell to only have to wrestle a Kellen Russell 25 minutes later. The list also includes Jordan Oliver, Aaron Pico, Frank Molinaro, Jimmy Kennedy, and Reece Humphrey. This is the bracket to watch as there will be awesome action all day!

Tommy: Logan Steiber

Kevin: Logan Steiber

74 kg

- People are running away from Jordan Burroughs and for good reason. The best wrestler on the planet has arguably held down the toughest challengers of any weight class on the domestic side as well. Andrew Howe is the favorite here, but we will see Chris Perry and others try to knock him off. 

Tommy: Andrew Howe

Kevin: Andrew Howe

86 kg

- Ed Ruth, Kyle Dake, and David Taylor are in a bracket together. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! 

Tommy: Ed Ruth

Kevin: Kyle Dake

97 kg

- This is a wide open bracket here, but not an uninteresting one. Who will take the reigns here and go win a bracket. Dustin Kilgore took 2nd at the NYAC, Cayle Byers took 3rd, and Enock Francois took 4th. Kyven Gadson is a wild card here as he transitions to freestyle. 

Tommy: Enock Francois

Kevin: Wynn Michalak

125 kg

- Did anyone else notice Tony Nelson took 3rd at the NYAC? He had a loss to Gwiazdowski, who won the tournament, but he did have two wins over Tyrel Fortune. With Dlagnev possibly out for the trials, the top guys here are serious contenders for Rio.

Tommy: Tyrel Fortune

Kevin: Tyrel Fortune

Women's Freestyle

48 kg

Tommy: Haley Augello

Kevin: Cody Pfau

53 kg

Tommy: Whitney Conder

Kevin: Whitney Conder

58 kg

Tommy: Teshya Alo

Kevin: Kelsey Campbell

63 kg

Tommy: Leigh Jaynes-Provisor

Kevin: Leigh Jaynes-Provisor

69 kg

Tommy: Julia Salata

Kevin: Randi Miller

75 kg

Tommy: Iris Smith

Kevin: Iris Smith


59 kg

Tommy: Spenser Mango

Kevin: Spenser Mango

66 kg

Tommy: Ellis Coleman

Kevin: Ellis Coleman

75 kg

Tommy: Justin Lester

Kevin: Taylor Walsh

85 kg

Tommy: Jon Anderson

Kevin: Jon Anderson

98 kg

Tommy: Caylor Williams

Kevin: Jarod Trice

130 kg

Tommy & Kevin: Adam Coon!!!!