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New Episode and Midlands Picks

It's tournament week and we are excited! It's always tough to time up an episode with the tournaments going on this week so we thought we would sneak one in before the Midlands started. Enjoy and please share your picks if you feel like it. We recorded before the brackets came out so our official picks are below. Thanks!

A few people emailed their picks in as well which is awesome for a sort of "beat the idiots" contest. You get a point for each finalist and two points for the champion. So four points for the maximum. Kevin and I will total up for both the Midlands and the Southern Scuffle to determine who buys next week. 


Tommy: Gilman over Lambert

Kevin: Gilman over Lambert 


Tommy: Clark over Hall

Kevin: Clark over Hall


Tommy: Ashnault over Abidin

Kevin: Long over Jack


Tommy: Sorensen over Tsirtsis

Kevin: Sorensen over Tsirtsis


Tommy: Gannt over Boyle

Kevin: Gannt over Pack


Tommy: Moore over Welch

Kevin: Wilson over Perrotti


Tommy: Meyer over Schleifer

Kevin: Schleifer over Meyer


Tommy: Taylor over Lefever

Kevin: Taylor over Dechow


Tommy: Burak over Wellington

Kevin: Burak over Wellington


Tommy: Gwiazdowski over Cabell

Kevin: Gwiazdowski over Dhesi