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Report: Russia "Unlikely" Eligible for 2016 Olympics

The World Anti Doping Agency led by President Dick Pound, like seriously.....that's his name.....great name for a serious agency guys, has stated that Russia is "unlikely" able to satisfy requirements that will make them eligible for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. 

For those of you not following the scandal it is alleged that Russia was essentially running a state sponsored doping program. To make it worse, the WADA says they have found evidence that Russia has destroyed evidence and found payments to cover their tracks. 

Normally, I would reserve any panic about Russia not being in the Olympics. A lot of international agencies like to release statements like this as posturing to get a country to start doing what they want them to do. The problem here is this is Russia, and Putin has already said the claims are "baseless". Basically, Putin has said "go fuck yourselves" to Dick Pound and the rest of the gang like Vlad does with every IGO that tells Russia what to do. That actually makes me worry. 

It wouldn't be the Olympic Wrestling event without Russia. They are the top country in the world and it would be unfortunate for everyone if the Russian wrestlers weren't involved. Think if Iowa wasn't allowed to be at the NCAA's this year. No one would want that who is an actual fan of wrestling. 

Hopefully this gets fixed and in true Russian and IOC fashion, some taxpayer dollars change hands. Hell, this whole thing could be trumped up just because Mr Pound Town wants a new beach house. 

Source: http://www.bbc.com/sport/athletics/35195248