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Mail Call

So we are enjoying the popularity of the Podcast and even our blog site here. We really enjoy when people ask us questions about anything wrestling related. Here are some questions/feedback we have received and answered in recent days. I (Tommy) am going to take this one, and hopefully Kevin and I will alternate with these to give different perspectives. 

Q: What's up with Brian Murphy (Michigan)?

- I do like the questions about Michigan wrestlers since there really isn't anybody spouting off that much about college wrestling in Michigan specifically. Murphy is having a heck of a better stretch than he did to start the season. McFarland & Bormet really worked on him to open up his offense and wrestle differently while neutral. While this is great advice, it can also mess with a guy's confidence and comfort as well. He has clawed his way to #10 after a very dominant win and pin over #11 Doug Welch (Purdue), and wrestling James Green (Nebraska) very tough. Murphy should finish in the top 4 at the Big Ten and should be right there for a good shot at All-American. 

Q: Are you guys on Itunes? 

- No, not yet. Itunes has some strange requirements and we are learning on the fly here. Music, logos, and other factors we are working on to get on there as well. The Stitcher app is a great way to listen to our (and many other great) podcast shows out there. 

Q: Is the National Duals a big step in the right direction?

- Yes, and no. We have to get to a point where teams from each conference qualify and then probably a few wild cards ensure the National Duals include the best teams from that season are there. It works out this year that the top 4-5 teams are part of this and it will be in Carver-Hawkeye. With lots of people attending and the best teams it may sway the argument towards a system that does give legitimacy towards the National Duals every season. I don't have super high hopes that broad changes will happen this year. Personally I think the National Championship is more appropriately awarded to the better dual team than the better tournament team, but that is changing decades of tradition in college wrestling.  

Q: How many matches will Michigan win against Iowa?

- Michigan is only favored in the rankings to win one match (#10 Murphy vs #15 Kelly). That is a tough task, but the fans should be treated to several good matches. At 133, #6 Clark vs #9 Bruno is interesting but I think Clark is a step ahead. At, 149 #2 Sorensen is known for his gas tank, but so is #13 Pantaleo so this could be a nice action packed 7 minutes. At 165, #9 Nick Moore & #10 Taylor Massa have had their struggles this year and both could really use this win heading in to Big Tens. At 184, you have #8 Brooks and #12 Abounader. Brooks has been solid, but Abounader is known to pick off high ranking guys (and somehow get upset in matches he shouldn't lose). I think 197 is very interesting between #6 Burak and #8 Huntley. And finally you have the big boys Telford & Coon who split in their matches last year. I like Murphy, Huntley, and Coon in these matches. While the team score will likely not be close, there are a lot of fun matches to watch. 

Q: Do you guys always drink beer when you record your show?

- Not always. Kevin once drank some Mike's Hard Lemonades that one of his wife's friends left at his house.