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Cejudo Made Weight & Won Against Vegas Odds

Most of the time the Vegas odds are against you winning your match, and not against you showing up, making weight, and actually competing. This isn't hyperbole though, you could actually bet on 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Henry Cejudo, actually fighting at weight for Saturday's UFC 185. He did actually and went on to defeat Chris Cariaso by unanimous decision. 

Cejudo has been a polarizing figure in the wrestling/mma world. He has a history of, since winning the gold medal, being rather aloof and unmotivated. When he makes proclamations of winning UFC belts or wrestling medals it had gotten to the point where it made its way to the Vegas betting boards. 

Before this weekend the commitments of fighting at 125 lbs at UFC 185 and wrestling Tony Ramos in AGON V seemed like a coin flip of them actually happening. Yet now the first half of this is complete and we may now see the wrestling match in Cedar Rapids we want to see. After all, Cejudo is only 28-years old. He is still very young and maybe got a streak of immaturity out of his system in his early 20's post Olympics.