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Don't Thank ESPN

ESPN will broadcast the upcoming NCAA Semi-Finals and Finals on ESPN while the rest of the rounds will be on ESPNU. While this is a great thing for wrestling in general, let's not be too quick to praise ESPN. 

ESPN, and every other network, are desperate for TV with commercials that people will actually watch. Think about it. You DVR everything now or binge watch series on HULU or Netflix. Some of you may not have seen a commercial since the Iowa vs Missouri final of the National Duals. The number of bowl games has kept increasing because of this reason only. Nobody cares to see Buffalo vs Troy State in person, but if it's on TV and a close game you'll give it a look. Advertisers pay for this and a lot of the lower tier bowl games are actually owned by ESPN. 

Somewhere between 500 thousand and one million people will watch the finals Saturday night which may not seem like a lot. It's certainly not the Super Bowl or the finale of Seinfeld, but it is people watching live TV with commercials. That is something very rare these days, and the reason Wrestling is on ESPN all weekend. It's not out of the goodness of their heart. 

But hey....at least they made a commercial.