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Finals Time!

Realbuto is in the finals to the dismay of many. 

Realbuto is in the finals to the dismay of many. 

Ohio State had 3 of their 5 semi-finalists come through to give them a commanding lead heading in to the final day of wrestling. We know who our 80 All-Americans are after the Bloodround and we nearly know that the Buckeyes will win their first ever NCAA title. 

Only Iowa has a shot with guys alive in the consolations. The Hawkeyes will need all the wins they can get to keep the pressure on the Buckeyes who are up by 13.5 points.

Only 4 of the weight classes have matchups between guys both seeded in the top 4. Basically if you said you picked the finals correctly, you are definitely lying or on drugs. The finals are a product of this unpredictable tournament which seemed to start with the madness when the horrible seeds were announced. 

One of the large blows to Iowa's title chances was when West Virginia's unseeded Zeke Moisey stuck Gilman with a cradle in less than a minute. To add to that separation Tomasello was able to beat top seeded Alan Waters (Missouri) 4-2 to give Ohio State more comfort room and hand Waters his first loss of the season.

125: (4) Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State dec. (1) Alan Waters, Missouri, 4-2
125: Zeke Moisey, West Virginia  fall (6) Thomas Gilman, Iowa, :52

Brewer scored early and than continued to tear up unbeaten and top seeded Dardanes. He will face Iowa's Clark who got by rival Gulibon.

133: (13) Cody Brewer, Oklahoma  md. (1) Chris Dardanes, Minnesota, 15-3
133: (3) Cory Clark, Iowa dec. (7) Jimmy Gullibon, PSU, 6-3

As expected, Port may be one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the country, but he is in Logan Stieber's weight class who "only" majored the Cinderella, Kevin Jack.

141: (1) Logan Stieber, Ohio State md. Kevin Jack, NC State, 12-2
141: (2) Mitchell Port, Edinboro  md. (11) Chris Mecate, ODU, 14-2

Habat was able to get a takedown in the 2nd and hold off the low scoring Tsirtsis who won't repeat. Houdashelt holds his #1 seed with a dominating win over Villalonga. 

149: (1) Drake Houdashelt, Missouri dec. (5) Chris Villalonga, Cornell , 4-0
149: (3) David Habat, Edinboro dec. (2) Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern, 3-2

James Green gave Imart a lot of trouble, but fell short. One of the more unfortunate things to ever see was Ness try to wrestle through a separated shoulder and have to default out. Ness is one of the most exciting wrestlers to ever toe the line and really sad to see his run end this way. Between winning this way and the controversial "recount" win over Ian Miller, Brian Realbuto isn't winning over many new fans this tournament. 

157: (1) Isaiah Martinez, Illinois dec. (4) James Green, Nebraska, 3-2
157: (2) Brian Realbuto, Cornell inj. def. (3) Dylan Ness, Minnesota

Dieringer is just awesome handling Bo Jordan. Taylor Walsh takes care of business to make the finals hoping to pull off some magic against the dominating Dieringer. 

165: (1) Alex Dieringer, Ok. State dec. (5) Bo Jordan, Ohio State, 6-1
165: (6) Taylor Walsh, Indiana dec. (15) Ethan Ramos, UNC, 5-0

The favored guys in these matches won. Mike Evans chose neutral after being rode out by Brown in the two meetings this season, but he was unable to get anything going on their feet.

174: (8) Tyler Wilps, Pitt dec. (12) Kyle Crutchmer, Ok. State, 3-1 OT
174: (2) Matt Brown, PSU dec. (3) Mike Evans, Iowa, 1-0

Favored guys win here, but Vic Avery did not make it easy on Gabe Dean.

184: (1) Gabe Dean, Cornell dec. (13) Vic Avery, Edinboro, 4-3
184: (7) Nate Brown, Lehigh dec. Kenny Courts, Ohio State, 4-0

Kyle Snyder scored an ankle pick in the first minute and controlled the action to knock off the undefeated defending champ. Kyven Gadson continues to look strong and it sets up a great final. 

197:  (4) Kyle Snyder, Ohio State dec. (1) J’Den Cox, Missouri, 3-2
197: (3) Kyven Gadson, Iowa State dec. (10) Conner Hartmann, Duke, 4-1

Gwiz continues to impress and he will meet Coon in the finals. Coon and McMullan had an amazing scramble but it was the Wolverine who came out on top. 

285: (1) Nick Gwiazdowski, NC State dec. (5) Connor Medbery, Wisconsin, 6-3
285: (6) Adam Coon, Michigan dec. (2) Mike McMullan, Northwestern, 3-1 OT

Team Scores
1.     Ohio St.     86.5
2.     Iowa     73.0
3.     Cornell     66.5
4.     Edinboro     64.5
5.     Missouri     60.0
6.     Penn St.     58.0
7.     Oklahoma St.     55.5
8.     Michigan     51.0
9.     Minnesota     49.0
9.     Nebraska     49.0