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MAC Pre-Seeds Released

The MAC is arguably the 2nd toughest conference in the land and here is the list for the pre-seeds. While #1 Missouri would be shocked to not walk away with the team title, there are plenty of interesting weight classes to be decided. 

1- Alan Waters, Missouri
2- Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa
3- Brandon Jeske, Old Dominion
4- Derek Elmore, Northern Illinois
5- Brent Fleetwood, Central Michigan
6- Del Vinas, Kent State
7- Zak Hassan, Ohio
8- Shayne Wireman, Eastern Michigan

1- Zach Synon, Missouri
2- Tyler Keselring, Central Michigan
3- Vincent Pizzuto, Eastern Michigan
4- Mack McGuire, Kent State
5- Kagan Squire, Ohio
6- Leighton Gaul, Northern Iowa
7- Michael Hayes, Old Dominion
8- Jordan Northrup, Northern Illinois

1- Zach Horan, Central Michigan
2- Lavion Mayes, Missouri
3- Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
4- Tyler Small, Kent State
5- Jake Hodges, Northern Iowa
6- Tyler Argue, Northern Illinois
7- Mike Shaw, Eastern Michigan
8- Joel Shump, Ohio

1- Drake Houdashelt, Missouri
2- Alexander Richardson, Old Dominion
3- Colin Heffernan, Central Michigan
4- Tywan Claxton, Ohio
5- Nick Barber, Eastern Michigan
6- Mike Depalma, Kent State
7- Gunnar Wolfensperger, Northern Iowa
8- Austin Culton, Northern Illinois

1- Ian Miller, Kent State
2- Joey Lavallee, Missouri
3- Jarrett Jensen, Northern Iowa
4- Cody LeCount, Central Michigan
5- Brandon Zeerip, Eastern Michigan
6- Andrew Morse, Northern Illinois
7- Sparty Chino, Ohio
8- TC Warner, Old Dominion

1- Tristan Warner, Old Dominion
2- Cooper Moore, Northern Iowa
3- Harrison Hightower, Ohio
4- Jordan Wohlfert, Central Michigan
5- Mikey England, Missouri
6- Tyler Buckwalter, Kent State
7- Shaun'Qae McMurtry, Northern Illinois
8- Devan Marry, Eastern Michigan

1- Johnny Eblen, Missouri
2- Cody Walters, Ohio
3- Jordan Ellingwood, Central Michigan
4- Caleb Marsh, Kent State
5- Trace Engelkes, Northern Illinois
6- Austin Coburn, Old Dominion
7- Curt Maas, Northern Iowa
8- Kayne MacCallum, Eastern Michigan

1- Willie Miklus, Missouri
2- Jack Dechow, Old Dominion
3- Jerald Spohn, Kent State
4- Andrew Romanchik, Ohio
5- Austin Severn, Central Michigan
6- Cody Caldwell, Northern Iowa
7- Quinton Rosser, Northern Illinois
8- Mike Curby, Eastern Michigan

1- J'Den Cox, Missouri
2- Phil Wellington, Ohio
3- Anthony Abro, Eastern Michigan
4- Basil Minto, Northern Iowa
5- Shawn Scott, Northern Illinois
6- Kevin Beazley, Old Dominion
7- Cole Baxter, Kent State
8- Jackson Lewis, Central Michigan

1- Blaize Cabell, Northern Iowa
2- Devin Mellon, Missouri
3- Mimmo Lytle, Kent State
4- Jake Henderson, Old Dominion
5- Gage Hutchison, Eastern Michigan
6- Adam Robinson, Central Michigan
7- Jesse Webb, Ohio
8- Arthur Bunce, Northern Illinois