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Turkey Wrap: Yasar Dogu Results

Jimmy Kennedy, Jordan Oliver, and Keith Gavin all brought home bronze medals after a tough weekend of Freestyle wrestling in Istanbul at the Yasar Dogu. Russia brought pretty much their #1 lineup adding to the high degree of difficulty to the tournament. 

Kennedy dropped his only match to Cal-Poly alumni Boris Novachkov (Bulgaria) 6-3, but wrestled back for 3rd place in repechage. Gavin lost in the semi-finals to Radoslaw Marcinkiewicz (Poland) 5-3 before defeating Jon Reader for bronze 4-0. Jordan Oliver lost his 1st round match to eventual silver medalist  Evgeny Nedyalko (Moldova) 8-2, but then battled back in repechage to take bronze with a last second win over Clarion alumni Bekzod Aburahkmanov (Uzbekistan) 3-2. 

David Taylor made a rare international appearance gearing up for his quest to surpass Kyle Dake & Jordan Burroughs for the eventual 2016 Olympic spot. In the semi-finals he met 3-time World Champion Denis Tsargush (Russia) and was defeated 10-0. In the bronze medal match, Taylor fell to 70kg 2014 World Champion 9-1. 

It was a tough tournament, but really great to see how many guys were able to go get a lot of great experience versus some of the best wrestlers in the world. This has been a criticism of the American team in the past that they don't wrestle enough international tournaments. Maybe this is a sign that the thinking is changing. 

57 kg/125.5 lbs. – Angel Escobedo, Ames, Iowa (New York AC/Cyclone WC)
LOSS Joe Colon (USA), 0-5

57 kg/125.5 lbs. – Joe Colon, Cedar Falls, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC/Panther WC)
WIN Angel Escobedo (USA), 5-0
WIN Andrei Dukov (Romania), 6-5
LOSS Otari Gogava (Georgia), 2-6

57 kg/125.5 lbs. – Dan Mitcheff, Lakewood, Ohio (New York AC)
LOSS Mensur Bayoglu (Turkey)

57 kg/125.5 lbs. – Erkin Tadzhimetov, Orem, Utah
LOSS Artas Sanaa (Kazakhstan)
LOSS Ali Karaboga (Turkey)

65 kg/143 lbs. – Jimmy Kennedy, Ann Arbor, Mich. (New York AC/Cliff Keen WC), 3rd place
WIN Evan Henderson (USA), 10-0
WIN Ilyas Zhumay (Kazakhstan), 15-5
LOSS Boris Novachkov (Bulgaria), 3-6
WIN (Moldova), 10-0
WIN Soslan Ramonov (Russia), forfeit

65 kg/143 lbs. – Evan Henderson, Chapel Hill, N.C. (North Carolina RTC)
LOSS Jimmy Kennedy (USA), 0-10

65 kg/143 lbs. – Jason Chamberlain, Lincoln, Neb. (Titan Mercury WC)
WIN Askhat Slyamkhanov (Kazakhstan), 10-0
LOSS Magomed Ramazanov (Russia), 1-2

74 kg/163 lbs – David Taylor, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC), 5th
WIN Marad Zoidze (Georgia), 10-0
WIN Coskun Ender (Turkey), pin 
WIN Ibrahim Taymouri (Iran), 12-1
LOSS Denis Tsargush (Russia), 0-10
LOSS Khetik Tsabolov (Russia), 1-9

74 kg/163 lbs. – Tyler Caldwell, Stillwater, Okla. (Sunkist Kids)
WIN Musa Gurbuz (Turkey), 10-8
WIN Amanessen Bakhytkanuly (Kazakhstan), 11-0
LOSS Kokteubayev (Kazakhstan), 5-8

97 kg/213.75 lbs. – J.D. Bergman, Columbus, Ohio (New York AC/Ohio RTC)
WIN Evgeni Alexeev (Russia), 12-1
LOSS Muren Mutlu (Turkey)

97 kg/213.75 lbs. – Wynn Michalak, Champaign, Ill. (Titan Mercury WC/Illinois RTC), 5th
WIN Micah Burak (USA), 7-3
LOSS Abdulsalam Gadisov (Russia), 0-10
WIN Fatih Cakiroglu (Turkey), forfeit
WIN Muren Mutlu (Turkey), pin
LOSS Radoslaw Baran (Poland), 3-8

97 kg/213.75 lbs. – Micah Burak, Colorado Springs, Colo. (USOTC)
LOSS Wynn Michalak (USA), 3-7

97 kg/213.75 lbs. – Enock Francois, New Windsor, N.Y. (New York AC)
WIN Ali Imamoglu (Turkey), 7-5
LOSS Ibrahim Bolukbasi (Turkey), 9-11

61 kg/134 lbs. – Coleman Scott, Chapel Hill, N.C. (Titan Mercury WC)
LOSS Viktor Lebedev (Russia), 7-11

61 kg/134 lbs. – Kyle Hutter, Norfolk, Va. (Titan Mercury WC)
WIN Mehmet Ali Daylak (Turkey), 5-3
LOSS Djamel Otarsultanov (Russia), 0-10
WIN (Georgia), 3-2
LOSS Ruhlan Mammadov (Azerbaijan), 4-13

70 kg/154 lbs. – Adam Hall, New York, N.Y. (Titan Mercury WC)
WIN Nikolai Chireacov (Moldova), 10-0
WIN (Russia), 11-7
LOSS Bekzod Aburahkmanov (Uzbekistan), 4-6

70 kg/154 lbs. – Nate Carr, Jr., College Park, Md. (Titan Mercury WC)
LOSS Muhammet Kotanoglu (Turkey), 1-7

70 kg/154 lbs. – Jordan Oliver, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids), 3rd
LOSS Evgeny Nedealko (Moldova) 2-8
WIN (Turkey), 4-2
WIN (Turkey), 11-1
WIN Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (Uzbekistan), 3-2

86 kg/189 lbs. – Keith Gavin, Charlottesville, Va. (Titan Mercury WC), 3rd
WIN Zbignieu Baranowski (Poland), 11-0
WIN (Turkey), 9-0
WIN (Kazakhstan), 10-0
LOSS Radoslaw Marcinkiewicz (Poland), 3-5
WIN Jon Reader (USA), 4-0

86 kg/189 lbs. - Jon Reader, Brookings, S.D. (Sunkist Kids), 5th
WIN Kadir Yaziki (Turkey), pin
WIN Serdar Boke (Turkey), 7-6
LOSS Radoslaw Marcinkiewicz (Poland), 8-11
WIN, 12-2
LOSS Keith Gavin (USA), 0-4

86 kg/189 lbs. – Chris Perry, Stillwater, Okla. (Titan Mercury WC)
LOSS Umidoun Ismanov (Uzbekistan), 0-10

86 kg/189 lbs. – Austin Trotman, Boone, N.C. (Titan Mercury WC)
LOSS Ahmet Bilici (Turkey), 3-7

125 kg/275 lbs. – Matt Meuleners, Lincoln, Neb. (Titan Mercury WC)
LOSS Tanju Gemici (Turkey). 4-6