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Is Wrestling Growing Lobby Power?

I'm not sure how to feel outside of the obvious general happiness that the shortsighted and selfish decisions that led to the cutting/defunding/suspension (all bullshit terms for termination) of the wrestling programs for Cleveland State and Northern State University have been overturned.

It's quite the kick in the ball bag to have a lot of fun at all the championships in March only to have to read about programs being eliminated in the subsequent weeks. One area wrestlers lack is lobbying power. We are perceived, incorrectly, as a white country male sport that isn't inclusive. This makes wrestling easy to eliminate as many groups can protect other sports with discrimination lawsuits (read Title IX) and wrestling is left sitting in its bedroom angry after its girlfriend dumped it. 

It seems rather surprising that both of these programs are now alive and it's only mid April as I write this. This process should have taken monumental efforts and only around the beginning of a new school year would you hear the final decision that often hasn't gone wrestling's way. Does this mean wrestling has some lobby power now? Are people listening to wrestlers rather than thinking they are mindless barbarians beating what brains they have left out of each other? 

Wrestling is growing in every measure other than NCAA Division 1 programs. Attendance, TV  viewership, sponsorship, high school numbers, youth numbers, and women's wrestling are all increasing but the counting of college scholarships have made D1 programs  a political wall. This growth in wrestling will lead (and has led) to growth in money and influence which will help wrestling grow and save more programs. 

It's a huge positive to see wrestling save two programs without having to put up a huge fight (I don't want to belittle anyone's efforts, but c'mon that was pretty easy). I would like to see an effort on the D1 front of gaining more programs and being more aggressive. Yes, there are a lot of hurdles. It would be nice to have resources and discussions pre-made for starting a program before an Athletic Department announces the elimination of a program. Also, I really do feel the wrestling community would rally around the announcement of new D1 programs and it would change the psychology of thinking about D1 collegiate wrestling from dying to growing. How many dying sports pack 18,000 people in an arena to watch their tournament? None. Let's start acting like it and get aggressive growing it at the D1 level. I know I would pitch in some benjamins for a new program fund that started programs at schools like Texas, Florida State, Notre Dame, etc.