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5-point Throw is Back in Greco, But Rules Still Confusing

United World Wrestling has announced rule modifications for Greco-Roman. The most important change is the return of the 5-point throw! The grand amplitude throw that we all dream of is back after a period of time that didn't make sense why it ever left. In an age of going for more points and more action, the 5-point throw being extinct baffled many. 

Of course other rule changes to Greco failed to hit the common sense meter. Cautions come with 2-points which could lead to some refs determining matches with such a large penalty.

The "push out" rule for out of bounds is now the out of bounds but no points given for "wrestlers who "push" their opponent out-of-bounds. 

The subjectivity of what is a push and what isn't will remain to be seen, but I certainly cringe at the thought. The idea that outside the boundary was hot lava and if you stepped out it was a point seemed to work for everybody. I'm also unclear on what a "push" is. I imagine just drilling a guy with open arms is a push, but what about driving with a 2 on 1 or a underhook? 

All gut wrenches will now be worth 2-points (I think I can understand that one). Eliminating gray area seems to make sense to me. 

Passivity is no longer considered a caution. At the senior level after the first warning, the 2nd warning will be forced par-terre.  The 3rd and subsequent warnings will be 1-point and option for forced par-terre. UWW is trying to eliminate forced par-terre for the next Olympic cycle so non-senior levels will have stalling calls for similar to Folkstyle. Without stopping the match, passivity will be a verbal and then an official warning and then every passivity call after that will be a point awarded. 

While rules in freestyle are largely better than folkstyle as a whole the calling stalling on your feet is better in American folkstyle than it is in freestyle. The shot clock and forced par-terre have not proved to be great deterrents to stalling. Seeing a guy win 1-1 because he was the first person to be put on the shot clock is mind boggling (or bottling). The Folkstyle stalling seems to allow you to actually determine who is stalling and call it rather than just alternating turns at forced par-terre or shot clock defense.