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Is International season better than College wrestling season?


I started thinking about this question shortly after NCAA's. I quickly came to the conclusion that I was crazy, and went on with my life. However, within a couple of weeks we were watching Ed Ruth wrestle Jake Herbert, Nick SImmons wrestle Tony Ramos, and David Taylor wrestle Andrew Howe. Those were finals matches by the way. On the way there we were treated to Brent Metcalf and Frank Molinaro, Alan Waters and Kendrick Maple, and Kellen Russel and Logan Stieber. It's too much to just forget about.

Ultimately we hope that the NCAA finals are going to be these great matchups and end up being unforgivable. How many years do we wait for something like Taylor vs Dake? What are the odds? Did I think that Dake would go 165 to go for his 4th title at his 4th weight class? No! Why would he do that? The other guy just won the Hodge trophy! Thankfully it did happen. I had my money on Dake the whole time though. Reason being, I had watched it happen, in person, live, at the 2012 Olympic Trials. Dake pinned Taylor quickly. It didn't look like it was an accident either. It wasn't Jenkins catching a young Taylor in a cradle. It was a better wrestler beating someone who didn't expect to win.

Dake > Taylor

NCAA wrestling is great. Don't get me wrong. It gives us hope, and promise. Is Isaiah Martinez going to be the next Cael Sanderson? Cael lost matches while he was on the freestyle scene when he was still in college. Don't fool yourself and think that his undefeated record includes that whole 4 year time frame. 

I know what you are thinking... That was awesome. Clearly College Wrestling gives everyone who has ever wrestled something to watch and relate to. The rules are essentially the same as high school (I know, there is riding time points, a longer first period, I get it), which gives the casual fan the point of reference. For the full blown fan though, it's hard for me to argue against the international scene. For me, I'm an NBA fan over College Basketball. It's the best of the best, against the best of the best. I like that, so that's what I'm going with. Remember when Kyle Dake won 4 titles at 4 different weight classes and may place 4th at the world trials. Yeah, that's right now.


The main thing to remember though is that wrestling is great. I'm splitting hairs more than anything. It's not like October is going to roll around and I won't be SO PUMPED about the NCAA season. I'm going to be making my predictions, going to be talking about the incoming freshman, and everything else going on. Either way, it's going to be great and I'm excited to watch the match ups. Maybe it's just because next year won't involve Logan Stieber, and I have to wait a year for Mark Hall.