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New Episode is Up!

Lots to talk about this week in the Wrestling world. We discuss the release of NCAA Wrestling rules changes as well as our picks for the Freestyle World Team Trials this weekend in Madison. Enjoy!

Our picks are right here. 

57 kg

Tommy: Ramos over Simmons

Kevin: Simmons over Ramos

61 kg

Tommy: Humphrey over Maple

Kevin: Humphrey over Maple

66 kg

Tommy: Metcalf over Molinaro

Kevin: Russell over Metcalf

70 kg

Tommy: Schlatter over Marable

Kevin: Schlatter over Marable

74 kg

Tommy: Burroughs over Dake

Kevin: Burroughs over Taylor

86 kg

Tommy: Herbert over Ruth

Kevin: Herbert over Ruth

97 kg

Tommy: Cox over Snyder

Kevin: Varner over Snyder

125 kg

Tommy: Dlagnev over Gwiazdowski

Kevin: Dlagnev over Coon