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We Have Our Greco Team

At the Freidman Wrestling Center at Cornell University the Greco-Roman World Team members punched their tickets to the World Championships in Las Vegas this September. The Greco team will try to build on Andy Bisek's bronze medal from last year snapping a half decade drought. 

The Greco trials were different this year with the US Open finals serving as the first round of the best of 3. They then met up with Cornell for the 2nd match and the if necessary rubber match. The oddest thing may be the trials being held before the Freestyle trials in general. Our Freestyle talent is arguably the most deep it has ever been in large part to the contraction of spots for the Olympic team to the 6-6-6 model. Matt Lindland doesn't seem to be a fan of the idea that "backup" freestyle guys could potentially compete in Greco, but it's worth a shot isn't it? I think it's about bringing the most medals home, and maybe there's a few guys who won't win in Madison who could make the team. It has to be worth the effort of making the Greco trials after the Freestyle ones. 

Also of note there was a great crowd there. I, of course, hope USA Wrestling notices that when you put these events in wrestling areas people show up. Stop it with the Vegas and Los Angeles. 

2015 Greco-Roman World Team Trials
June 4, Friedman Wrestling Center, Ithaca, N.Y.

59 kg/130 lbs.
Spenser Mango (U.S. Army) def. Jesse Thielke (New York AC), 2 matches to 0
U.S. Open Finals: Spenser Mango (U.S. Army) dec. Jesse Thielke (New York AC), 5-0
WTT Match 2: Mango dec. Thielke, 4-3

66 kg/145.5 lbs.
Bryce Saddoris (U.S. Marines) def. Alejandro Sancho (New York AC), 2 matches to 1
U.S. Open Finals: Bryce Saddoris (U.S. Marines) dec. Alejandro Sancho (New York AC), 1-0
WTT Match 2: Sancho dec. Saddoris, 8-4
WTT Match 3: Saddoris dec. Sancho, 4-0

71 kg/156 lbs.
Justin Lester (U.S. Army) def. Pat Smith (Minnesota Storm), 2 matches to 0
U.S. Open Finals: Justin Lester (U.S. Army) dec. Pat Smith (Minnesota Storm), 7-2
WTT Match 2: Lester dec. Smith, 8-2

75 kg/165 lbs.
Andy Bisek (Minnesota Storm) def. Dillon Cowan (U.S. Army), 2 matches to 0
U.S. Open Finals: Andy Bisek (Minnesota Storm) tech. fall Dillon Cowan (U.S. Army), 11-0
WTT Match 2: Bisek tech. fall over Cowan, 8-0

80 kg/176 lbs.
Patrick Martinez (U.S. Army) def. C.J. Myers (U.S. Army), 2 matches to 0
U.S. Open Finals: Patrick Martinez (U.S. Army) dec. C.J. Myers (U.S. Army), 3-1
WTT Match 2: Martinez dec. Myers, 2-0

85 kg/187 lbs.
Jordan Holm (Minnesota Storm) def. Jon Anderson (U.S. Army), 2 matches to 0
U.S. Open Finals: Jordan Holm (Minnesota Storm) tech fall Jon Anderson (U.S. Army), 9-0
WTT Match 2: Holm dec. Anderson, 2-2 criteria

98 kg/216 lbs.
Caylor Williams (U.S. Army) def. Kevin Beazley (Virginia Beach RTC), 2 matches to 0
U.S. Open Finals: Caylor Williams (U.S. Army) tech fall Kevin Beazley (Virginia Beach RTC), 13-3
WTT Match 2: Williams won by tech. fall over Beazley, 8-0

130 kg/286 lbs.
Robby Smith (New York AC) def. Toby Erickson (New York AC), 2 matches to 0
U.S. Open Finals: Robby Smith (New York AC) pinned Toby Erickson (New York AC), 3:24
WTT Match 2: Smith dec. Erickson, 5-0