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James Green's 2015's Freestyle Record is Impressive

When James Green won the 70 kg spot there was some hesitation for high hopes for him to do well on the world stage. His lack of Big Ten and NCAA Championships will damper expectations at first glance. Also, freshman Isiah Martinez dominated the weight class during the collegiate season and Green always had a problem with Dylan Ness. Yet, James Green is 14 freestyle matches in to his post-college career and he has only dropped one comeback 5-5 criteria loss. He won the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend beating a World bronze medalist in the process. Let's also remember while Isiah Martinez was putting up playstation numbers on the field, his two matches with Green were 3-2 & 2-0. Those are mat wrestling, Folkstyle wins. That makes me think it's not safe to assume if the two met in freestyle right now Martinez would win.

I also think it is really safe to say James Green is a realistic medal threat at the World Championships this September. 

James Green's 2015 Freestyle Matches:

W Connor Keating 12-2

W Chase Nelson 13-2

L Kevin LeValley 5-5

W Michael Moreno 11-0

W Adam Hall 10-0

W Moza Fay 15-4

W Kevin LeValley 13-0

W Nazar Kulchytsky 9-7

W Kevin LeValley 13-2

W Dustin Schlatter 5-0

W Dustin Schlatter 4-2

W Alec Bauer (Canada) 10-0

W Takojim Nobuyoshi (Japan) 7-0

W Frank Chamizo (Italy) 5-5

W Nick Marable 4-0

W Nick Marable 2-1