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Marable Wins Appeal to USOC, Will Face Green

After losing his appeal to USA Wrestling, Nick Marable appealed to the USOC and won. He will now face James Green for a best of 3 series with a World Team spot on the line. Lawyer Maidie E. Oliveau from Los Angeles was the arbitrator that ruled here. From what I can find she is some blood sucking lawyer that deals in a lot of sponsorship and sports acquisition cases. I'm sure she has no idea what a weigh-in has to do with wrestling. 

This will certainly leave a bad taste in a lot of mouths and did in Madison when the situation first happened. I know we always want the best team to go to the world stage, but where does the appeal process end? Everyone should weigh in and determine the spot at the same time. It's the only fair way to do it. I mean, what would happen right now if James Green said he banged up his ribs at the Spanish Grand Prix? Would he have traveled and wrestled in Spain knowing he had to wrestle Marable soon?

The series is set for July 25th in Fargo.