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James Green Ends Controversey

James Green had some great tweets over the weekend, but one really stood out to me. He mentioned that friends and family had already booked flights and hotels for Vegas in September  and he really didn't want to let them down. The real world sometimes gets overlooked in the world of sports results. These men & women we watch aren't action figures that get delivered and unwrapped by UPS when it's game time. They have daily lives and something like the controversy surrounding this process where it's suddenly decided you must drive to Fargo, North Dakota and wrestle a guy with a wealth of international experience best 2 of 3. Let's not forget Marable did have that 4-4 win over Jordan Burroughs. 

James Green prevailed though ending all of this drama, which is nice because I like writing about wrestling and not the Kardashians. What's perhaps lost in all this is James Green's impressive freestyle record this summer just got 2 more very impressive wins. People were excited about Nick Marable's mdeal chances, and now should be even more excited about the chances from Green. 

James Green's 2015 Freestyle Matches:

W Connor Keating 12-2

W Chase Nelson 13-2

L Kevin LeValley 5-5

W Michael Moreno 11-0

W Adam Hall 10-0

W Moza Fay 15-4

W Kevin LeValley 13-0

W Nazar Kulchytsky 9-7

W Kevin LeValley 13-2

W Dustin Schlatter 5-0

W Dustin Schlatter 4-2

W Alec Bauer (Canada) 10-0

W Takojim Nobuyoshi (Japan) 7-0

W Frank Chamizo (Italy) 5-5

W Nick Marable 4-0

W Nick Marable 2-1