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Post-World Random Thoughts

It was a great week of wrestling. Here are some random thoughts. 

- Congrats to USA Wrestling & UWW for putting on a great event. I have some thoughts to improve it, but this stuff doesn't happen magically. It's a lot of logistics and undertaking to make an event like this happen. They deserve a lot of credit. 

- Mark Hall to Nebraska? The Huskers may not draw the biggest crowds nor have the most banners hanging in the gym, but what is a better spot for him? With Burroughs & Green there every day and Coach Manning proving to be an amazing resource, it's hard to imagine a better spot for Mark Hall. 

- Did Jake Herbert over work himself coming in to the World Champioships? Herbert isn't that young anymore and it's possible. The explosive point scorer in Madison did not look like what we saw from Herbert in Vegas.

- If many people think the answer to succeeding in Freestyle is essentially forgoing college wrestling, how do we explain two of our three medalists coming off this NCAA season? If wrestling in college is terrible for you, it's tough to explain that. Outside of Burroughs, our veterans were the ones who failed this championships. The reasons are above my pay grade, but it is certainly interesting food for thought. 

- Speaking of the two medalists coming off the NCAA season, neither of them have an NCAA Championship. Of course, Snyder has (maybe) three more chances, but it's crazy to think a World Champion and a bronze medalist didn't win their weights in March this year. 

- This person is just 24-years old but has already won their 3rd World Championship with no signs of slowing down. The jeopardy like question is "Who is Adeline Gray?". It's very possible we are watching the process of someone becoming one of the most accomplished wrestlers in American history especially is she looks as dominant as she did in Vegas. I don't think she's getting enough credit.

- Was Robby Smith's bronze medal loss to legendary Mahkov (Russia) the greatest Greco match of all-time? I am not an expert on Greco, but it was incredible to watch. UWW President declared it one of the best in an interview this week. 

I'm not sure what your workout situation is, but at my gym you can watch Youtube videos on the cardio machines. Here I was really excited I could play Angry Birds before, but now I can watch the UWW & USA Wrestling channels while I'm remembering how old and out of shape I am. It's amazing!