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World Picks Time!

So we are just mere days away from the World Championships in Las Vegas. Team USA has historically taken advantage of home mats. It's tough to keep a grasp on all the wrestlers in the USA let alone the world, but we will give it our best shot. Well, I will give it my best shot....Kevin can't get over his homer status. 

I also invited the Wrestling Nomad to share his picks with us. He follows international wrestling as much as anyone so I was interested to see his picks and thought I'd share them Follow him on twitter @wrestlingnomad

Key: TB (Tommy), KC (Kevin Claunch), Wrestling Nomad (WN)



Editor's note: Kevin just decided to pick USA for all Greco weight classes. 

59 kg

TB- Stepan Maryanyan (Russia)

WN- Stepan Maryanyan (Russia)

66 kg

TB- Edgaras Venckaitis (Lithuania)

WN- Tamas Lorincz (Hungary)

71 kg

TB- Rasul Chunayev (Azerbaijan)

WN- Rasul Chunayev (Azerbaijan)

75 kg

TB- Arsen Julfalakyan (Armenia)

WN- Chingiz Labazanov (Russia)

80 kg

TB- Yousef Ghaderian (Iran)

WN- Rafik Huseynov (Azerbaijan)

85 kg

TB- Habibollah Akhlaghi (Iran)

WN- Habibollah Akhlaghi (Iran)

98 kg

TB- Islam Magomedov (Russia)

WN- Artur Aleksanyan (Armenia)

130 kg

TB- Lopez (Cuba)

WN- Beylal Makhov (Russia)


Women's Freestyle

48 kg

TB- Eri Tosaka (Japan)

KC- Eri Tosaka (Japan)

WN- Mariya Stadnyk (Azerbaijan)

53 kg

TB- Saori Yoshida (Japan)

KC- Saori Yoshida (Japan)

WN- Saori Yoshida (Japan)

55 kg

TB- Helen Maroulis (USA)

KC- Helen Maroulis (USA)

WN- Helen Maroulis (USA)

58 kg 

TB- Kaori Icho (Japan)

KC- Kaori Icho (Japan)

WN- Kaori Icho (Japan)

60 kg

TB- Johanna Mattson (Sweden)

KC- Tserenchimed Sukhee (Mongolia)

WN- Svetlana Lipatova (Russia)

63 kg

TB- Yulia Tkach (Ukraine)

KC- Yulia Tkach (Ukraine)

WN- Battsetseg Soronzonbold (Mongolia)

69 kg

TB- Zhou Feng (China)

KC- Dorothy Yeats (Canada)

WN- Alina Makhinya (Ukraine)

75 kg 

TB- Adeline Gray (USA)

KC- Adeline Gray (USA)

WN- Adeline Gray (USA)


Men's Freestyle

57 kg

TB- Hak-Jin Jong (North Korea)

KC- Yowlys Bonne (Cuba)

WN- Yowlys Bonne (Cuba)

61 kg

TB- Aleksander Bogomoev (Russia)

KC- Aleksander Bogomoev (Russia)

WN- Aleksander Bogomoev (Russia)

65 kg

TB- Sayed Ahmad Mohammadi (Iran)

KC- Brent Metcalf (USA)

WN- Sayed Ahmad Mohammadi (Iran)

70 kg

TB- Azamat Nurikov (Belarus)

KC- James Green (USA)

WN- Hassan Yazdani (Iran)

74 kg

TB- Jordan Burroughs (USA)

KC- Jordan Burroughs (USA)

WN- Jordan Burroughs (USA)

86 kg

TB- Jake Herbert (USA)

KC- Jake Herbert (USA)

WN- Abdulrashid Saulaev (Russia)

97 kg

TB- Reza Yazdani (Iran)

KC- Kyle Snyder (USA)

WN- Khetag Gazumov (Azerbaijan)

125 kg

TB- Beylal Makhov (Russia)

KC- Zach Rey (USA)

WN- Taha Akgul (Turkey)