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Weekend Recap

Besides Michigan pounding Ohio State, it was a pretty straight forward weekend in the college wrestling world. This time of year we always see some injuries hold out some matches we would like to see, but there's still a lot of great duals to watch and draw conclusions from. 

Rasheed catching Welch and pinning him is a surprise and Moss, whilst filling in for Gulibon, beat Sabatello. 

Penn State 42, Purdue 3
125: Nico Megaludis PSU tech fall Ben Thornton PUR, 21-6 (TF; 7:00) 
133: Jordan Conaway PSU dec. Luke Welch PUR, 8-3                                    
141: Kade Moss PSU maj. dec. Danny Sabatello PUR, 11-3                                
149: Zain Retherford PSU tech fall Alex Griffin PUR, 17-1 (6:09)                     
157: Jason Nolf PSU tech fall Doug Welch PUR, 21-5 (6:10)                          
165: Shakur Rasheed PSU pinned Chad Welch PUR, WBF (1:56)                   
174: Bo Nickal PSU tech fall Tanner Lynde PUR, 16-1 (TF; 4:58)                      
184: Brian Brill PSU dec. Tanner Lynde PUR, 11-7                                              
197: Morgan McIntosh PSU pinned Drake Stein PUR, WBF (1:33)                 
285: Tyler Kral PUR dec. Jan Johnson PSU, 7-4


Rutgers 34, Michigan State 0
125: Sean McCabe (RU) dec. over Mitch Rogaliner (MSU) 3-2
133: Anthony Giraldo (RU) dec. over Garth Yenter (MSU) 4-0
141: Anthony Ashnault (RU) dec. over Javier Gasca III (MSU) 4-3
149: Tyson Dippery (RU) tech fall over Kaelan Richards (MSU) 18-0
157: Richie Lewis (RU) dec. over Joseph Johnson (MSU) 8-3
165: Anthony Perrotti (RU) dec. over Dean Vettese (MSU) 5-1
174: Phillip Bakuckas (RU) dec. over Shane Shadaia (MSU) 8-3
184: Anthony Pafumi (RU) dec. over Schwan Shadaia (MSU) 15-3
197: Hayden Hrymack (RU) dec. over Joseph Cooper (MSU) 4-2
285: Billy Smith (RU) major dec. over Dimitrus Renfroe (MSU) 11-1

It's nice to see Taylor healthy and beating on people....as if the 133 division in the Big Ten needed tougher competition though. 

Nebraska 29, Wisconsin 11
141: Anthony Abidin (NEB) tech. fall Gabe Grahek (WIS), 15-0
149: Jake Sueflohn (NEB) dec. Andrew Crone (WIS), 9-3
157: Tyler Berger (NEB) major dec. TJ Ruschell (WIS), 11-2
165: Isaac Jordan (WIS) major dec. Austin Wilson (NEB), 8-0
174: Ricky Robertson (WIS) sudden victory-1 Dustin Williams (NEB), 3-1
184: TJ Dudley (NEB) major dec. Ryan Christensen (WIS), 11-2
197:  Aaron Studebaker (NEB) tech. fall Eric Peissig (WIS), 17-1
HWT: Collin Jensen (NEB) dec. Brock Horwath (WIS), 3-2
125: Tim Lambert (NEB) pin Johnny Jimenez (WIS), 3:27
133: Ryan Taylor (WIS) major dec. Eric Coufal (NEB), 15-6

Don't ever bet on or against Brancale. After looking good and maybe fitting in nicely at 133, he gets decimated by Maryland's backup. 

Minnesota 26, Maryland 12
125: Steve Polakowski (Minn) dec. Michael Beck (MD) 7-1
133: Tyler Goodwin (MD) fall (4:27) Sam Brancale (Minn) 
141: Tommy Thorn (Minn) dec. Alfred Bannister (MD) 9-2
149: Jake Short (Minn) dec. Wade Hodges (MD) 6-2
157: Lou Mascola (MD) dec. Brandon Kingsley (Minn) 3-2
165: Brandon Krone (Minn) dec. Brendan Brunham (MD) 8-3
174: Nick Wanzek (Minn) fall (3:33) Josh Snook (MD)
184: Jaron Smith (MD) dec. Chris Pfarr (Minn) 6-2
197:  Brett Pfarr (Minn) maj dec. Garrett Wesneski (MD) 12-4
HWT: Michael Kroells (Minn) maj dec. Youssif Hemida (MD) 10-2

Iowa State won the Virginia Duals. There's some debate about the "fullness" of both lineups, but still a nice weekend for Iowa State after what was a disappointing Midlands. 

Iowa State 16, Virginia Tech 14
125: Joey Dance (Virginia Tech University) over Kyle Larson (Iowa State University) Dec 6-1
133: Earl Hall (Iowa State University) over Dennis Gustafson (Virginia Tech University) Dec 6-5
141: Soloman Chishko (Virginia Tech University) over John Meeks (Iowa State University) Dec 6-2
149: Sal Mastriani (Virginia Tech University) over Gabe Moreno (Iowa State University) Dec 6-3
157: Logan Breitenbach (Iowa State University) over Jake Spengler (Virginia Tech University) Dec 12-7
165: Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State University) over David McFadden (Virginia Tech University) Dec 4-1
174: Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State University) over Cody Hughes (Virginia Tech University) Maj 12-4
184: Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech University) over Dane Pestano (Iowa State University) Dec 3-0
197: Marcus Harrington (Iowa State University) over Austin Gabel (Virginia Tech University) Dec 8-6
285: Ty Walz (Virginia Tech University) over Joe Scanlan (Iowa State University) Dec 10-3

Down goes Nickal! Indiana continues to stay in the headlines this season. Nate Jackson, who has hovered in the 13-20 ranking range this season, gives Nickal his first loss. Also, another loss for Jan Johnson has to have Penn State fans deeply concerned that they won't be sending a full lineup to the Garden. 

Penn State 34, Indiana 8
157: Jason Nolf PSU maj. dec. Jake Danishek IU, 21-8                                  
165: Shakur Rasheed PSU maj. dec. Bryce Martin IU, 11-2                                  
174: Nate Jackson IU dec. #1 Bo Nickal PSU, 7-6                                         
* Indiana penalized one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct
184: Devon Van Cura PSU dec. Matt Irick IU, 5-3                                               
197: Morgan McIntosh PSU pinned Jake Masengale IU, WBF (2:50)                
285: Garret Goldman IU pinned Jan Johnson PSU, WBF (5:35)                            
125: Nico Megaludis PSU dec. Elijah Oliver IU, 6-2                                         
133:Jordan Conaway PSU maj. dec. Alonzo Shepherd IU, 14-3                     
141: Jimmy Gulibon PSU maj. dec. Cole Weaver IU, 11-3                              
149: Zain Retherford PSU pinned Luke Blanton IU, WBF (2:43)    

Maryland gets their first Big Ten dual win since joining the conference. 

Maryland 26, Michigan State 10
125: Mitch Rogaliner (MSU) tech fall over Jhared Simmons (Maryland), 15-0
133: No. 15 Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland) decision over Garth Yenter (MSU), 7-2
141: Javier Gasca (MSU) decision over Alfred Bannister (Maryland), 7-4
149: Wade Hodges (Maryland) major decision over Kaelan Richards (MSU), 9-0
157: No. 18 Lou Mascola (Maryland) decision over Joe Johnson (MSU), 8-4
165: Brendan Burnham (Maryland) major decision over Dean Vettese (MSU), 13-3
174: Shane Shadaia (MSU) decision over Derrick Evanovich (Maryland), 3-1 (SV-1) 
184: Jaron Smith (Maryland) decision over Shwan Shadaia (MSU), 7-6
197: Garrett Wesneski (MSU) decision over Jacob Cooper (Maryland), 3-2 (Unsportsmanlike penalty assessed)                
285: Youssif Hemida (Maryland) fall over Dimitrus Renfroe (MSU), 6:58

Missouri remains undefeated in duals with a narrow escape against Cornell. I've been hoping both the Tigers and NC State remain undefeated in duals giving us a sort of semi-final before the National Duals when they meet in February. 

Missouri 18, Cornell 17
125: Dalton Macri (Cornell) def. Barlow McGhee (Mizzou) by 7-6 decision
133: Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) def. Zach Synon (Mizzou) by 12-5 decision
141: Matt Manley (Mizzou) def. William Koll (Cornell) by 9-1 major decision
149: Lavion Mayes (Mizzou) def. Joey Galasso (Cornell) by 9-2 decision
157: Chris Dowdy (Cornell) def. Le'Roy Barnes (Mizzou) by 9-7 decision
165: Daniel Lewis (Mizzou) def. George Pickett (Cornell) by 3-2 TB-1
174: Brian Realbuto (Cornell) def. Blaise Butler (Mizzou) by 3-2 decision
184: Gabriel Dean (Cornell) def. Tim Miklus (Mizzou) by 18-1 technical fall
197: Willie Miklus (Mizzou) def. Jacob Taylor (Cornell) by 8-7 decision
HWT: J'Den Cox (Mizzou) def. Jeramy Sweany (Cornell) by 24-9 technical fall

Sueflohn takes out Short as Nebraska cruises to seven wins. 

Nebraska 24, Minnesota 10
125: Tim Lambert (NEB) major dec. Steve Polakowski (MINN), 10-1
133: Eric Montoya (NEB) dec. Sam Brancale (MINN), 8-3
141: Anthony Abidin (NEB) dec. Tommy Thorn (MINN), 10-6
149: Jake Sueflohn (NEB) dec. Jake Short (MINN), 5-3
157: Tyler Berger (NEB) dec. Brandon Kingsley (MINN), 3-2
165: Austin Wilson (NEB) dec. Brandon Krone (MINN), 3-1
174: Nick Wanzek (MINN) major dec. Dustin Williams (NEB), 10-1
184: TJ Dudley (NEB) tech. fall Chris Pfarr (MINN), 17-2
197: Brett Pfarr (MINN) dec. Derek White (NEB), 5-2
HWT: Michael Kroells (MINN) dec. Collin Jensen (NEB), 7-5 OT

It was unfortunate that Tsirtsis left with an elbow injury in his match with Sorensnen....those six points helped Iowa post their largest Big Ten victory of all time. Northwestern needs a new coaching staff pronto. 

Iowa 54, Northwestern 0
125: Thomas Gilman (Iowa) over Garrison White (Northwestern) (Fall 0:54)
133: Cory Clark (Iowa) over Dominick Malone (Northwestern) (Fall 6:38)
141: Topher Carton (Iowa) wins by forfeit
149: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) (Inj. 4:12)
157: Edwin Cooper, Jr. (Iowa) over Anthony Petrone (Northwestern) (Fall 1:22)
165: Patrick Rhoads (Iowa) over Luke Norland (Northwestern) (Dec 9-3)
174: Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Mitch Sliga (Northwestern) (TF 16-0 6:25)
184: Sammy Brooks (Iowa) over Regis Durbin (Northwestern) (Fall 4:10)
197: Nathan Burak (Iowa) over Jacob Berkowitz (Northwestern) (MD 13-3)
285: Sam Stoll (Iowa) over Conan Jennings (Northwestern) (Fall 3:45)