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What About Olympic Weights in 2020?

The 6-6-6 solution was part of the insanity that was Wrestling reworking things to save their reputation for the Olympic program. That's a long and corrupt story, but what about the future? 

This past weekend we saw the six weights, two each style, compete for World Championships that were not featured in the Olympics. It feels weird for a sport that considers the Olympics the pinnacle of the sport. It was still great action proving there are many great athletes to be featured. Are we stuck with the 6-6-6 forever? 

I'm hearing some rumbles (nothing official) that all stem from one thing, Japan is a Wrestling country. Let's look at the hosts of the Summer Olympics since USA hosted in 1996. Australia (hasn't medaled since 1948), Greece (not medaled since 2004) , China (two medals in 2016 so they at least compete), United Kingdom (not medaled since 1984), and Brazil (never had an Olympic Wrestling medal).

One thing countries love, especially host countries, is medals. That's why when people asked me about Olympic Wrestling in 2020 I replied that I felt pretty good. It was going to be in Istanbul or Tokyo and I couldn't imagine a world where Turkey or Japan would allow an Olympics to happen within their borders without Wrestling.  

Tokyo won the 2020 bid to host and Japan won five of the eight Women's weight classes in 2016. I think Japan will try to get as many women's weights as they can on the books for 2020 in the spirit of winning more medals and showing off the best Women's Wrestling program in the world. Let's not be surprised if we do end up with more weight classes this cycle.