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Happy Jordan Burroughs Day! (2/22)

If you listened to our podcast, we spoke about having a Jordan Burroughs Day. Richard Immel made the observation that 2/22 was upcoming. What better day than 2/22 to celebrate the greatest athlete in the world than the date filled with doubles? Well here we go! Please tweet #jordanburroughsday and celebrate the living legend who is the best on and off the mat!

Jorand Burroughs is a 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and 3-time Freestyle World Champion. He is also a 2-time NCAA Wrestling Champion for Nebraska and a great husband and father to one son and another baby on the way. When your wife walks down the aisle in your wrestling shoes, you got a keeper. 

Here's a video of Iranians going nuts for him. Yes, a Black American from New Jersey being celebrated like he's a Beatle in the 60's because Iran's national sport is Wrestling, and they know the best wrestler in the world is in front of them. 

Doubles for days. The unstoppable!

Thanks for helping celebrate the best athlete on the planet in any sport!