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Session 1 Fun

It didn't take long for the 174 lb bracket to go to hell. The 2, 3, 4, and 8 seeds all lost their first round matches. Iowa State's Lelund Weatherspoon took out a hobbled Realbuto, Matt Reed (Oklahoma) used a 13-3 first period to take out Butler (Missouri), Jadaen Bernstein (Navy) out scrambled Ramos (North Carolina) 13-8, and Epperly (Virginia Tech) never looked great and fell to Casey Kent (Penn). 

Realbuto appeared to have some serious knee issues as even walking off the mat proved too difficult. On the bright side of things, my Hammond (CSU Bakersfield) pick to make the 174 final looks really good with the bottom of the bracket opening up. 

The battle of the coaches kids lived up to the fun factor. Jake Ryan (Ohio State) took a 7-4 lead after the first period, but Joe Smith (Oklahoma State) battled all the way back to win 11-9 in sudden victory. 

Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State) did not have the record to be seeded even though he finished 2nd at the Big Ten tournament. His victory over #5 seed Manley (Missouri) is technically a big first round upset, but not all that surprising. If Gulibon places high in this tournament, it will likely leave zero chance anyone can catch Penn State. Chances were slim already. 

Returning All-American Conor Youtsey (Michigan) also scored an upset. Similarly to Gulibon, a poor regular season had him drawn in. Kilmara (Oklahoma State), the 6 seed, took the lead but Youtsey battled back to win 7-6. 

At 184, I wasn't sure where Vic Avery (Edinboro) got the criteria to be seeded 3rd. He promptly was upset by Buffalo's Joe Ariola 7-4. 

Michigan (I'm from Michigan so yes you'll get some homer love if you're first joining us) had a pretty solid first session. Only Bruno fell at 133. Youtsey, Pantaleo, Murphy, Abounader, Huntley, and Coon all advance to the round of 16. 

Judging by the boos, I am not the only one who feels Zach Horan got robbed when it appeared he had upset the 141 #2 seed McKenna (Stanford). Horan had the over hooks off of McKenna's bear hug and ended up on top as they went out of bounds with three seconds left. The takedown was called that would give him the 3-1 win. Instead, the review changed the call and McKenna won in overtime rideouts. 

I'm sure there's stuff I missed, but it was really tough to follow it all!

Ohio State did a good job getting some bonus points and leave the first session with the Team Score lead. The Buckeyes lead Penn State by just a half point. 

Team Score:

1) Ohio State 16.5

2) Penn State 16.0

3) Nebraska 12.0

4) Iowa 11.0

5) Michigan, Oklahoma State, & Missouri 10.0