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3-Year NCAA Point Totals

This was a random idea I had so I thought I would share with all you fine people. Basically, what does the point total look like from the last three years' NCAA tournaments. 

The genesis for this was thinking about how you determine who is and isn't a "top program". It's an arbitrary statement with difficulty measuring as most teams have good years and bad years. Iowa being in 4th in the last three years may be a little startling to some. Minnesota is still in 6th despite a 17th place finish in the 2016 tournament. Also, Edinboro is still in 10th despite only scoring 10 points at this year's event. Both these programs will likely bounce back, so it's interesting to give them a pass for this year.  

The results are probably nothing earth shattering to anybody, but here it is since I did the leg work. 

1) Penn State 300

2) Oklahoma State 259

3) Ohio State 245

4) Iowa 243.5

5) Cornell 191.5

6) Minnesota 189.5

7) Missouri 188.5

8) Virginia Tech 187

9) Nebraska 160.5

10) Edinboro 147

11) Illinois 142.5

12) Michigan 139.5

13) Iowa State 116

14) Oklahoma 108

15) North Carolina State 107

16) Lehigh 100

(Lots of teams)

Michigan State 12