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All Aboard Penn State Train

Penn State officially returned to their championship form after their one-year hiatus to almost no surprise. Their lineup in this tournament was not going to be stopped unless there were travel problems. Cael's Army scored 150.5 points while last season Iowa & Ohio State scored 120 points to tie for first (that stat is skewed by the bottom dwellers of the Big Ten this season).

Another odd stat to add during their domination is that nobody in the Penn State lineup is a returning national champion. At first glance, I'd like to use this stat to say Penn State is not invincible at the 2016 NCAA's....but what team knocks them off remains a huge question. The teams chasing them would have to have some pretty amazing tournaments to catch them, and that does not look likely. 

It wasn't a perfect tournament for Penn State. Nevills and Morelli may not receive at-large bids for NCAA's, Nolf lost his rematch with Imart, and fans had higher hopes for McCutcheon & Conaway. The D1 NCAA Finals is the greatest tournament in the world and in large part because of the lack of predictability, but Cael's team should be feeling good heading to the Garden. 

In the most important news, I (Tommy) beat Kevin in picks for the Big Ten and the MAC. I picked 8 of the 10 champs right in the Big Ten for the second year in a row in some odd stroke of luck. The final score was Tommy with 54 and Kevin with 33. 

Link to the brackets can be found here

1: PENN STATE - 150.5
2: Iowa - 127.0
3: Ohio State - 126.0
4: Nebraska - 118.0
5: Rutgers - 106.5
6: Michigan - 89.5
7: Illinois - 88.0
8: Wisconsin - 67.5
9: Minnesota - 51.5
10: Purdue - 34.0
11: Indiana - 30.5
12: Northwestern - 11.5
13: Michigan State - 10.5
14: Maryland - 7.5