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9 More Crowned to Fill Olympic Squad

Here is match by match summary of Sunday's best 2 of 3 to fill the other nine spots of the Olympic roster. There will be plenty of thoughts to disseminate in the next few days, but if you were away here will be some details as seen from an out of shape Polak in the stands. 

MFS 57 kg: Tony Ramos vs Daniel Dennis

- Match 1: Shot clock point makes it 1-0 at the break. They trade shot clocks in 2nd as neither can do anything. Dennis takes the first match 2-1.

- Match 2: In just 64 seconds Dennis gets the takedown and four guts!!!! He is headed to the Olympics with the 10-0 tech!

MFS 74 kg: Jordan Burroughs vs Andrew Howe

- Match 1: Burroughs with a double while Howe was on shot clock and he adds two leg laces. Caution and one for fleeing makes it 7-0. Howe gets a takedown at the end of the first when Burroughs tries to circle in off an underhook. 7-2 at the break. Burroughs with the level change to get another two. Howe with a step out after a shot but Burroughs cruises to the 9-3 win. 

- Match 2: A slow opening and then Jordan Burroughs with the low single and locks up a leg lace in the middle of the mat. That's it folks!!! 10-0 tech and he runs up the stairs to bring Beacon back to the interviews. 

MFS 86 kg: Kyle Dake vs J'Den Cox

- Match 1: Shot clock point Dake. 1-0 at the break. Shot clock point for Cox. Ref blowing the whistle way too much. Cox on a go behind gets a quick 2, and challenge declined making it 4-1. Dake in deep and somehow Cox hips him to down to get a breif exposure. Another go for broke moment fails meaning Cox wins 8-1. Holy batman!

- Match 2: Cox moving Dake around well with his power....fires off a great shot gets the two call and then Dake chest lock exposure, but Cox comes out on top. 3-2 Cox lead at the break. Somehow Dake gets put on the shot clock despite being the aggressor....low single and he gets the 2! He gets another step out after the shot and he takes the 2nd match 5-3. We need a 3rd match here!

- Match 3: Cox showing incredible ability to move with Dake. He gets a far knee tap for 2. Dake responds with an ankle pick for two, before Cox is broken down he scrambles and gets a step out point to take the 3-2 lead. Cox hits a single and gets the push out and makes it 4-2. Dake with the beautiful shot but can't finish in bounds....throws Cox out on to the platform which draws some boos. Dake chases Cox all the way across the mat at the buzzer. They challenge for a fleeing call. It's denied and J'Den Cox will head overseas to qualify for the Olympics!

MFS 97 kg: Kyle Snyder vs Jake Varner

- Match 1: Snyder controlling things. Gets the takedowns. Immediately Varner responds with a takedown and gut to take the 4-2 lead at the break!!! He wants his Olympic spot! Shot clock point for Snyder. Chest lock for Snyder for about 30 seconds and he finally gets a step out point. Varner holds criteria but takes a horrible shot but somehow doesn't give up points. Varner takes the first match 4-4!

- Match 2: Snyder controlled the pace the whole way. He wins 4-0 as Varner didn't look too interested in spelling the energy. We head to match 3!

- Match 3: Snyder with a lot of fakes to not let Varner get comfortable. Great drag for the two takedown. Snatch single for one. Patented low single for two and Snyder is up 6-0. He cruises to a 6-1 win and is headed to the Olympics!!

WFS 48 kg: Haley Augello vs Victoria Anthony

- Match 1: Haley point for shot clock. 1-0 at break. Step out point after single for Haley 2-0. Victoria finishes a single 2-2. Gut for 2. 4-2. Body lock for 4 for Haley! She wins the first match 6-4.

-Match 2: Two takedowns and two guts and Victoria takes a 8-0 lead. Haley rallies but the damage is done and we will have a 3rd match with an 11-6 score. 

- Match 3: Two pushouts for Haley to start. 2-0. Crotch lift exposure off Victoria's shot makes it 4-0 at the break. Huge lift off of a shot and Haley does a good job of not giving up 4. She gets a crotch lift to make it 6-2. Haley hits a front headlock go behind. She wins 8-2 and will head overseas to qualify for Rio!

WFS 53 kg: Helen Maroulis vs Whitney Condor

- Match 1: Takedown Helen quickly 2-0. She adds three more takedowns to be up 8-0 at the break. Takedown and tech for Helen 10-0.

- Match 2: More domination. Helen is headed overseas to qualify for Rio 10-0! 

WFS 75 kg: Adeline Gray vs Victoria Francis

Match 1: Gray just takes it to her with a takedown, three leg laces (her patented move) and another step out and takedown to get the first period tech 11-0. 

Match 2: Adeline is a machine...she gets the tech in the first period and is headed to Rio to hopefully become the United States first ever female wrestling gold medalist!

Greco 75 kg: Andy Bisek vs Geordan Speiller

- Match 1: Bisek gets the par terre opportunity and hits three guts to be up 6-0 at the break. Speiller gets a takedown being able to go behind. Bisek gets the first match 6-2.  

- Match 2: Bisek gets to par terre, gets the guts, and gets the win! He's headed to the Olympics!

Greco 130 kg: Adam Coon vs Robby Smith

- Match 1: Step out for Smith....throw attempt 2 for Smith. 3-0 at the break. Smith gets a step out and Coon gets a body lock but Smith can safely retreat. Smith wins 4-1.

- Match 2: Robby comes out with a 5-point arm spin right away. He gets a push out but caution and two gets confirmed. He goes big on a chest lock but Coon counters and gets 2. It's 7-2 at the break. Not too much happens in the 2nd as Coon's openings quickly disappear from the veteran Smith. Robby Smith is headed to Rio!