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Saturday Crowns Nine

Greco 66 kg: Patrick Smith vs RaVaughan Perkins

- The 3 and 4 seeds met here. Smith seemed to keep winning the position battle. He got the first match 2-0.

- Match 2: Step out point for Pat Smith. Another step out in the 2nd. Perkins goes for the risk and gets the 2-point call. He wins 2-2 to force a 3rd match!

- Match 3: Perkins gets a par terre start and gets 3 turns! Challenge comes in. 3rd gets overruled so it's 4-0. Smith gets a 2 and fleeing from a body lock to answer. Par terre opportunity for Smith, he lifts up but Perkins plants his feet and tosses for 4. Challenge point added to make it 9-2. Perkins wins and will head overseas to qualify the weight. 

WFS 58 kg: Alli Ragan vs Kelsey Campbell

- Despite being a 2012 Olympian, Campbell entered the underdog here. She gets the first 2 via shot clock and step out from a snatch single, and takes the first 2-1. 

Match 2: A lot of dead on straight locking horns wrestling without much action. It was 1-1 when Campbell was put on her 2nd shot clock, but she drives and underhook for the step out point to win 2-1. She'll have to qualify the weight to go to Rio this summer. 

Greco 98 kg: Joseph Rau vs Caylor Williams

- The rivalry continued here as these two have seperated themselves from the field domestically. Not much happened in the first minute, but then Williams hit the throw of the tournament thus far for a huge 4 and the pin!

- Match 2: A lift with risk for Caylor for 2 is the only points in the first. Rau gets a gut wrench, and Caylor's corner unsuccessfully challenges to trail 3-2. Rau adds a takedown as Caylor is forced to go for broke and a 3rd match is coming with the 5-2 final.  

- Match 3: Rau gets a par terre opportunity and gets two turns to take a 4-0 lead at the break. Caylor gets his chance and gets a 4. Step out point for Caylor. High dive for Rau and gets the two to win 6-5! Rau will go overseas to qualify. 

MFS 65 kg: Frank Molinaro vs Aaron Pico

- Not the final anyone expected, but that's why they wrestle the matches folks. Pico gets a 2-0 lead on a shot clock and a step out, but then Molinaro blasted him for a 4 call....review rightfully shows it was a 2. Molinaro takes a shot to avoid a go behind and Pico scored with a crotch lift to take the first 4-2. 

- Match 2: Pico with a snatch high c to be able to earn an exposure to go up 2-0. Big double off the whistle by Frank to answer 2-2. Frank in on a shot but Pico looks to crunch down to go behund, but Frank with the switch that ends up with an exposure. Pico picks up a shot clock point but falls 4-3.

- Match 3: Pico gets a shot clock point. Frank gets a chest lock for four! Pico scores off a crackdown for 2 and gets a shot clock. Frank wins on criteria 4-4 and will head overseas to qualify the weight for the USA.  

- Match 3:

WFS 69 kg: Tamyra Mensah vs Brittney Roberts

- Mensah has been dominate today, and takes the first match 8-1.  

- Match 2: Mensah with a pair of takedowns to lead 4-0 at the break. She cruises to another 8-1 win and really beat the hell out of everyone today. 

Greco 85 kg: Jake Clark vs Ben Provisor

- The unlikely veteran duo, Provisor got a gut for two off of a caution and added another step out to take the first match 3-0.

- Provisor gets a shuck by for two to open the scoring in the first minute. Clark gets a par terre and they ding Provisor caution and 2 for not being open. Clark goes for a headlock but gets countered and Provisor gets the pin!  

WFS 63 kg Elena Pirozhkova vs Erin Clodgo

- Elena just controlled the pace and Clodgo was not able to get anything going at all. Elena takes the first 3-1.

- Elena with a snatch single for 4 right away! In the 2nd, Elena locks up a cradle and comes over....she can chill for the 6-0 win but she gets the pin! She's off to her 2nd Olympics! 

Greco 59 kg Jesse Thielke vs Ildar Hafisov

- Thielke gets the better off a couple scramble positions....ends up after an unsuccessful challenge with a 5-0 lead....Hafisov went for broke and Thielke catches, lifts, and finishes for a huge 5! He wins the first 10-0

- Match 2: Akward spot there and Thielke exposes Hafisov for 2. Hafisov with a throw but leg foul is called. Hafisov whiffs on a high dive and gives up an exposure but then headlock from his back makes it a little interesting with Thielke on his back. Thielke wins 9-3 and will head overseas to qualify the weight for the USA. 

MFS 125 kg Tervel Dlagnev vs Zach Rey

- This one went three matches at last year's trials. Dlagnev prevailed but then pulled out of the Worlds sending Rey instead. Dlagnev hit a nice low single which was the difference in the match to win 3-1.

- Match 2: 1-1 on shot clocks....2 for Rey on a crotch lift off of Dlagnev's shot. Dlagnev gets back in and battles for the finish. Rey forced to shoot and Dlagnev able to flatten him out to win 5-3. Dlagnev is going back to the Olympics!