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Commission Spots Left

The Tripartite Commission will have a few spots left to invite countries to send a representative to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. Traditionally, this is a good will gesture to boost the countries list and get some feel good stories....you know when the country comes in to the Opening Ceremonies with like one or two people? 

The only interesting thing I found is when I was looking at things inspired by David Habat who won bronze in Istanbul at the last qualifier, but didn't qualify in the top two. Slovenia didn't qualify, or try very hard, to send any other wrestlers to Rio so adding Habat would boost the countries list. Tajikstan actually got two bronze medals in Istanbul, but also currently aren't qualified in any weights for Rio. Croatia had a greco guy win bronze as well to put them in a similar situation.

It seems most of the time (I'm not going to do the hours of research) that if you got that close your country is also sending a few people to the Olympics already. So having three countries just narrowly miss out feels strange. Tajikistan sent four to London for the 2012 games and Croatia sent two. 

The commission in 2012 chose the following competitors: 

Keitani Graham (Micronesia) GR 84 kg

Ali Nadhim (Iraq) GR 120 kg

Tanoh Benie (Ivory Coast) WFS 48 kg

Silvie Datty (Central African Republic) WFS 63 kg

Maria Dunn (Guam) WFS 63 kg

So I get we are trying to grow the sport in 3rd world countries and all that good stuff. I love it, and I love geography and seeing people accomplish big things from far reaching places. However, if you are Tajikistan, Slovenia, and Croatia you would think you would have a gripe about a similar selection pattern when you had peeps be the last person not qualified.