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Meanwhile in Russia

The IOC has sort of upheld the banning of Russian Track & Field athletes for this year's Olympics. You can read the story HERE but the quick version is that unless an individual can prove they have never been part of the state-sponsored doping system, they won't be allowed to compete. 

This is good news for Wrestling in a way. If Russia was completely banned from any Track & Field events, there was a possibility that Russia would sit out this Olympics in protest. I certainly don't know if that was going to happen as I can't imagine anyone can really predict Putin. In the wake of the IOC announcement, it looks like Russia kind of got their off easy enough to where a protest doesn't seem likely.

This means Russia will be wrestling at the Olympics. As a fan on Wrestling, I like this to be the pinnacle of our sport and the medals won't hold any hypothetical asterisks when they fly home to America from Rio.