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Olympic Schedule

For those of you who are curious, and especially those who need weeks notice to put in for time off, here is the Olympic schedule by weight class. 

Perhaps an interesting difference to this year's Olympic Games is that it is back in the Western Hemisphere. Rio is actually 2 hours ahead of Eastern Time (which doesn't seem right), but it's the first time the Olympics will be happening during our day since 1996. This means Bob Costas won't be trying to hype you for things that happened 14 hours ago, we won't be looking for results on Twitter after you dosed off at 3am, nor will we be staying up for that big 4am USA vs Lithuania basketball game.  

Along those lines, the 2015 World Championships in Las Vegas was a lot of fun to stream and interact on social media. Rooting on our men & women as they fight through the brackets is a lot of fun as it progresses throughout the day without sacrificing a whole week of zero sleep.

This is the first Olympics you can really take a couple days off and watch the Wrestling from start to finish and not have to stay up through the night. That is really exciting to me. 

The schedule is as follows running Sunday to Sunday:

8/14: GR 59 & 75

8/15: GR 85 & 130

8/16: GR 66 & 98

8/17: WFS 48, 58, & 69

8/18: WFS 53, 63, & 75

8/19: FS 57 & 74

8/20: FS 86 & 125

8/21: FS 65 & 97

If the whole week off isn't a possibility, taking Thursday & Friday will probably be doing yourself a favor. I can't imagine focusing on work while Jordan Burroughs tears his was through the bracket, and Daniel "Wild Man" Dennis both scores and gives up a lot of points.

The Thursday contains some can't miss wrestling history. Adeline Gray looks to become  the first American Woman gold medalist. Elena Pirozhkova has 4 world medals and will look to unseat defending World Champ Battsetseg who looks to become Mongolia's first Wrestling gold medalist. Also, the most intriguing weight class of the whole Olympics will be contested as well in 53 kg. Helen drops down with her first World title under her belt to quite the fray. Yoshida (Japan) has won three Olympic Golds and thirteen World Championships, Mattson (Sweden) nearly beat her in the finals last year, and Adekuoroye (Nigeria) is a star on the rise (Helen escaped with a 6-6 win this Fall).   

So do yourself a favor and put in for some time off this Summer to watch some great wrestling unfold throughout the day.