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Big Ten Roundup


Iowa got great performances by Kemerer and Brooks, but not much else. If you are a fan of National Duals, this keeps the hope alive for an undefeated matchup of #1 & #2. However, Iowa could spoil it with duals against Penn State and Ohio State in the next couple weekends. 

Oklahoma State 24 Iowa 11

125: No. 1 Thomas Gilman (IOWA) MD No. 11 Nick Piccininni (OSU) 12-4
133: No. 5 Kaid Brock (OSU) dec. No. 1 Cory Clark (IOWA) 7-6
141: No. 1 Dean Heil (OSU) dec. No. 18 Topher Carton (IOWA) 8-5
149: No. 3 Anthony Collica (OSU) dec. No. 2 Brandon Sorensen (IOWA) 4-3, TB2
157: No. 2 Michael Kemerer (IOWA) dec. No. 6 Joe Smith (OSU) 4-3
165: No. 6 Chandler Rogers (OSU) fall Skyler St. John (IOWA) 2:18
174: No. 5 Kyle Crutchmer (OSU) dec. No. 13 Alex Meyer (IOWA) 5-2
184: No. 6 Sammy Brooks (IOWA) MD No. 5 Nolan Boyd (OSU) 13-3
197: No. 4 Preston Weigel (OSU) dec. Cash Wilcke (IOWA) 6-0
HWT: No. 9 Austin Schafer (OSU) dec. No. 6 Sam Stoll (IOWA) 5-4

David Jensen sighting!

Nebraska 28, Wisconsin 11
125: Tim Lambert (Nebraska) over Johnny Jimenez (Wisconsin) (TF 19-1 6:42)
133: Eric Montoya (Nebraska) over Eli Stickley (Wisconsin) (MD 10-1)
141: Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) over Cole Martin (Wisconsin) (MD 12-2)
149: Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) over Collin Purinton (Nebraska) (Dec 10-7)
157: Tyler Berger (Nebraska) over Jarod Donar (Wisconsin) (MD 14-4)
165: Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) over Dustin Williams (Nebraska) (Dec 4-1)
174: Micah Barnes (Nebraska) over Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) (Dec 8-1)
184: Timothy Dudley (Nebraska) over Jake Stilling (Wisconsin) (TF 16-0 1:38)
197: Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska) over Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) (Dec 4-3)
285: Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) over David Jensen (Nebraska) (TF 16-0 3:55)

Hughes gets 10 points in the first period to get another good win for the freshman campaign. Northwestern gets two majors and a tech in the last three matches to pull off the come from behind win. 

Northwestern 23, Michigan State 21
125: Logan Griffin (Michigan State) over Anthony Rubinetti (Northwestern) (Dec 11-7)
133: Jason Ipsarides (Northwestern) over Austin Eicher (Michigan State) (Fall 6:29)
141: Javier Gasca III (Michigan State) over Alexander McKenna (Northwestern) (MD 11-3)
149: Shayne Oster (Northwestern) over Nicholas Trimble (Michigan State) (MD 12-2)
157: Austin Thompson (Michigan State) over Ben Sullivan (Northwestern) (Fall 6:29)
165: Drew Hughes (Michigan State) over Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern) (MD 11-0)
174: Drew Barnes (Michigan State) over Braxton Cody (Northwestern) (MD 14-3)
184: Mitch Sliga (Northwestern) over Wesley Maskill (Michigan State) (MD 11-2)
197: Jacob Berkowitz (Northwestern) over Matthew Okaiye (Michigan State) (MD 11-2)
285: Conan Jennings (Northwestern) over Jacob Cooper (Michigan State) (TF 15-0 4:29)

Credit Purdue for the win and also putting on a show for their arena dual of the season drawing a great crowd. 

Purdue 19, Indiana 12
125: Ben Thornton (Purdue) over Liam Cronin (Indiana) (Dec 4-3)
133: Luke Welch (Purdue) over Garrett Pepple (Indiana) (Dec 9-2)
141: Kyle Ayersman (Purdue) over Cole Weaver (Indiana) (Dec 5-4)
149: Chris Perez (Indiana) over Nate Limmex (Purdue) (Dec 7-4)
157: Jake Danishek (Indiana) over Alex Griffin (Purdue) (Dec 9-3)
165: Bryce Martin (Indiana) over Dylan Lydy (Purdue) (Dec 5-2)
174: Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) over Devin Skatzka (Indiana) (Dec 10-4)
184: Nathan Jackson (Indiana) over Tanner Lynde (Purdue) (Dec 10-3)
197: Christian Brunner (Purdue) over Jakob Hinz (Indiana) (MD 13-3)
285: Tyler Kral (Purdue) over Fletcher Miller (Indiana) (SV-1 3-1)

This was just mean by Penn State. There were a lot of people talking on Saturday at the tournament I was at about all the points Penn State put up on Friday night's Big Ten Network broadcast. 

Penn State 37, Rutgers 6
125: Nick Suriano (Penn State) over Brandon Paetzell (Rutgers) (MD 16-2)
133: Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers) over George Carpenter (Penn State) (Dec 11-4)
141: Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) over James Gulibon (Penn State) (Dec 4-1)
149: Zain Retherford (Penn State) over Kenny Theobald (Rutgers) (Fall 5:33)
157: Jason Nolf (Penn State) over John Van Brill (Rutgers) (TF 22-4 4:09)
165: Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) over Willy Scott (Rutgers) (TF 19-3 4:55)
174: Geno Morelli (Penn State) over Phil Bakuckas (Rutgers) (Dec 5-3)
184: Bo Nickal (Penn State) over Nicholas Gravina (Rutgers) (Fall 4:27)
197: Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) over Matt Correnti (Rutgers) (Dec 4-3)
285: Nick Nevills (Penn State) over Ralphy Normandia (Rutgers) (TF 24-9 6:57)

Michigan says Assad got banged up at Thursday's practice and with their backup out for the year, they forfeited both duals this weekend. Bannister is a fire hydrant of terror. Nice to see Striggow & Battaglia get wins. 

Michigan 25, Maryland 16
174: Myles Amine (Michigan) over Sam Rowell (Maryland) (MD 10-2)
184: Ernest Battaglia (Michigan) over Idris White (Maryland) (Dec 10-3)
197: Jackson Striggow (Michigan) over David-Brian Whisler (Maryland) (MD 12-4)
285: Youssif Hemida (Maryland) over Dan Perry (Michigan) (Fall 0:52)
125: Michael Beck (Maryland) wins by forfeit
133: Stevan Micic (Michigan) over Billy Rappo (Maryland) (Dec 11-4)
141: Salvator Profaci (Michigan) over Jhared Simmons (Maryland) (Dec 8-4)
149: Alfred Bannister (Maryland) over Zac Hall (Michigan) (MD 12-3)
157: Brian Murphy (Michigan) over Danny Boychuck (Maryland) (Dec 6-3)
165: Logan Massa (Michigan) over Josh Ugalde (Maryland) (TF 20-5 7:00)

The Spartans win a Big Ten dual even with Hughes getting caught and pinned. 

Michigan State 19, Maryland 17
125: Logan Griffin (MSU) maj. dec. Alex Vargas (UMD), 12-1; MSU leads, 4-0
133: Billy Rappo (UMD) dec. Austin Eicher (MSU), 2-0, MSU leads, 4-3
141: No. 19 Javier Gasca (MSU) fall Jhared Simmons (UMD), 5:59; MSU leads 10-3
149: No. 15 Alfred Bannister (UMD) dec. Nick Trimble (MSU), 6-5; MSU leads 10-5*
157: Austin Thompson (MSU) dec. Justin Alexander (UMD), 5-2; MSU leads, 13-5
165: Patrick Gerish (UMD) fall Drew Hughes (MSU), 4:43; MSU leads, 13-11
174: Logan Ritchie (MSU) dec. Sam Rowell (UMD), 8-1; MSU leads, 16-11
184: Shwan Shadaia (MSU) dec. Idris White (UMD), 3-2; MSU leads, 19-11
197: David-Brian Whisler (UMD) dec. Matt Okaiye (MSU), 3-2; MSU leads, 19-14
HWT: Youssif Hemida (UMD) dec. Jacob Cooper (MSU), 5-0; MSU wins, 19-17

5-5 split with Wisconsin getting the upset at 157, but it's McKee with the pin for the difference. 

Minnesota 18, Wisconsin 15
184: Hunter Ritter (Wisc) dec Jordon Rothers (Minn), 7-2
197: Brett Pfarr (Minn) dec Ricky Robertson (Wisc), 11-5
285: Connor Medbery (Wisc) dec Michael Kroells (Minn), 3-2
125: Ethan Lizak (Minn) dec Johnny Jimenez (Wisc), 2-0
133: Mitch McKee (Minn) fall (1:20) Eli Stickley (Wisc)
141: Tommy Thorn (Minn) dec. Cole Martin (Wisc), 8-3
149: Andrew Crone (Wisc) maj dec Carson Brolsma (Minn), 13-3
157: TJ Ruschell (Wisc) dec Jake Short (Minn), 5-4**
165: Isaac Jordan (Wisc) dec Nick Wanzek (Minn), 7-4
174: Chris Pfarr (Minn) dec Ryan Christensen (Wisc), 7-4
**NOTE: Wisconsin was penalized one team point during the 157-pound match after its bench was called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Ohio State seems to lead the wrestling world in bonus point matches both for and against. There was only one decision in this whole dual. Tomasello destroying Richards was surprising. 

Ohio State 29, Illinois 18
125: Travis Piotrowski (ILL) major decision over Jose Rodriguez (OSU) 10-0
133: Nathan Tomasello (OSU) major decision over Zane Richards (ILL) 12-4
141: Luke Pletcher (OSU) decision over Mousa Jodeh (ILL) 10-4
149: Micah Jordan (OSU) fall over Eric Barone (ILL) 6:19
157: Kyle Langenderfer (ILL) technical fall over Anthony DeCarlo (OSU) 18-3
165: Isaiah Martinez (ILL) technical fall over Cody Burcher (OSU) 22-7
174: Zach Brunson (ILL) major decision over Justin Kresevic (OSU) 19-8
184: Myles Martin (OSU) major decision over Emory Parker (ILL) 11-3
197: Kollin Moore (OSU) fall over Andre Lee (ILL) 4:46
HWT: Kyle Snyder (OSU) fall over Duece Rachal (ILL) 4:17

Micic handed Montoya his first loss of the year in impressive fashion. Hall had a good match and is a candidate to make the NCAA's this year if he wrestles like that. Berger was struggling with Murphy until he caught a leg coming in and stacked him. 

Nebraska 29, Michigan 15
125: Tim Lambert (NEB) by forfeit
133: Stevan Micic (MICH) dec. Eric Montoya (NEB), 13-7
141: Colton McCrystal (NEB) dec. Sal Profaci (MICH), 7-4
149: Zac Hall (MICH) major dec. Collin Purinton (NEB), 14-5
157: Tyler Berger (NEB) pin Brian Murphy (MICH), 5:25
165: Logan Massa (MICH) tech fall Justin Arthur (NEB), 21-4
174: Myles Amine (MICH) sudden victory-1 Micah Barnes (NEB), 4-2
184: TJ Dudley (NEB) pin Ernest Battaglia (MICH), 1:06
197: Aaron Studebaker (NEB) dec. Jackson Striggow (MICH), 2-0
HWT: Collin Jensen (NEB) tech fall Dan Perry (MICH), 17-2