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Full Paris Results

 Photo: BDI

Photo: BDI

Americans cleaned up in Paris over the weekend. We got to see some major stars claim titles as we are looking for early ideas on what to expect for Tokyo in 2020. 

Day 1

Women’s Freestyle
48 kg/105.5 lbs.
Gold – Jessica Blaszka (Netherlands)
Silver – Julie Sabatie (France)
Bronze – Allysa Cleaves (Canada)
Bronze – Viyaleta Chyryk (Belarus)

53 kg/116.5 lbs.
Gold – Katarzyna Krawczyk (Poland)
Silver – Samantha Stewart (Canada)
Bronze – Mathilde Riviere (France)
Bronze – Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (Belarus)

69 kg/152 lbs.
Gold – Koumba Larroque (France)
Silver – Signe Fidje Store (Norway)
Bronze – Iliana Kratysh (Israel)
Bronze – Kendra Dacher (France)

U.S. men’s freestyle results
57 kg/125.5 lbs.- Nico Megaludis, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC), Gold
WIN Youssoup Deliev (France), 10-0
WIN Dzimchyk Rynchynau (Belarus), 9-0
WIN Givi Davidovi (Italy), 3-2

65 kg/143 lbs.- B.J. Futrell, Philadelphia, Pa (Titan Mercury WC/Pennsylvania RTC), Bronze
LOSS Jimmy Kennedy (United States), 6-0
WIN Nick Dardanes (United States), 10-0
WIN Heorhi Kaliyeu (Belarus), 4-0

65 kg/143 lbs.- Nick Dardanes, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC/Hawkeye WC), 7th
WIN Michael Asselstine (Canada), 9-0
LOSS Jimmy Kennedy (United States), 2-0
LOSS B.J. Futrell (United States), 10-0

65 kg/143 lbs.- Jimmy Kennedy, Ann Arbor, Mich. (New York AC/Michigan RTC)
WIN B.J. Futrell (United States), 6-0
WIN Nick Dardanes (United States), 2-0
WIN Heorhi Kaliyeu (Belarus), 10-0
WIN Emrach Gasanov (Israel), 10-0

70 kg/154 lbs.- Chase Pami, Philadelphia, PA (Sunkist Kids/Pennsylvania RTC), Gold
WIN Christian Jonsson (Sweden), 10-0
WIN Jason Welch (United States), 11-0
WIN Zsombor Gulyas (Hungary), 2-1

70 kg/154 lbs.- Jason Welch, Evanston, Ill. (Titan Mercury WC), Bronze
WIN Christophe Clavier (France), Fall
LOSS Chase Pami (United States), 11-0
WIN Christian Jonsson (Sweden), 13-2

97 kg/215 lbs.- Nathan Burak, Iowa City, Iowa (Hawkeye WC), Silver
WIN Wladimir Remel (Germany), 7-2
WIN Maxime Francois (France), 10-0
LOSS Ivan Yankouski (Belarus), 7-0

U.S. Greco-Roman results
71 kg/156 lbs. – Pat Smith, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm)
LOSS Rafayel Aleksanyan (Armenia), 8-0

98 kg/215 lbs. Daniel Miller, Camp Lejeune, N.C. (Marines), Bronze
WIN Adam Mertse (Hungary), 5-0
LOSS Felix Baldauf (Norway), 9-0
WIN Robert Ersek (Hungary), 9-0

Day 2

U.S. men’s freestyle results
61 kg/134 lbs.- Tony Ramos, Chapel Hill, N.C. (Sunkist Kids/Tarheel RTC), Bronze
LOSS Jayson Ness (United States), 7-4
WIN Iurii Siemakin (France), Forfeit

61 kg/134 lbs. – Jayson Ness, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm), Silver
WIN Tony Ramos (United States), 7-4
WIN Iurii Siemakin (France), 12-4
LOSS Shota Phartenadze (Georgia), 9-2

74 kg/163 lbs.- Kyle Dake, Ithaca, N.Y. (Titan Mercury WC/Finger Lakes RTC), Gold
WIN Matt Brown (United States), 10-0
WIN Davit Tlashadze (Georgia), 14-4
WIN Dan Vallimont (United States), 11-0
WIN Alex Dieringer (United States), 10-0

74 kg/163 lbs.- Dan Vallimont, Philadelphia, Pa. (New York AC/Pennsylvania RTC), 5th
WIN Antoine Bonin (France), Fall
WIN Zelimkhan Khadjiev (France), 7-6
LOSS Kyle Dake (United States), 11-0
LOSS Matt Brown (United States), 8-2

74 kg/163 lbs.- Matt Brown, State College, Pa. (Army WCAP), Bronze
LOSS Kyle Dake (United States), 10-0
WIN Davit Tlashadze (Georgia), 13-3
WIN Dan Vallimont (United States), 8-2

74 kg/163 lbs.- Alex Dieringer, Stillwater, Okla. (Titan Mercury WC), Silver
WIN Henri Selenius (Finland), 9-0
WIN Kubilay Cakci (Germany), 11-1
LOSS Kyle Dake (United States), 10-0

86 kg/189 lbs.- David Taylor, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC), Gold
WIN Mihaly Nagy (Hungary), 10-0
WIN Istvan Vereb (Hungary), 10-0
WIN Akhmed Aibuev (France), 12-2
WIN Richard Perry (United States), 8-5

86 kg/189 lbs.- Richard Perry, Philadelphia, Pa. (New York AC/Pennsylvania RTC), Silver
WIN Raman Chytadze (Belarus), 11-0
WIN Arkadzi Pahasian (Belarus), 12-1
LOSS David Taylor (United States), 8-5

125 kg/275 lbs.- Zach Rey, Bethlehem, Pa. (Lehigh Valley WC), Bronze
WIN Tony Nelson (United States), 4-2
LOSS Geno Petriashvili (Georgia), 10-0
WIN Bobby Telford (United States), 1-1

125 kg/275 lbs.- Bobby Telford, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC), 5th
LOSS Geno Petriashvili (Georgia), 11-0
LOSS Zach Rey (United States), 1-1

125 kg/275 lbs.- Tony Nelson, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm)
LOSS Zach Rey (United States), 4-2

U.S. Greco-Roman results
59 kg/130 lbs. – Colton Rasche, Camp LeJeune, N.C. (Marines)
LOSS Tigran Galustyan (France), 5-0

66 kg/145 lbs. – Raymond Bunker, Camp LeJeune, N.C. (Marines)
LOSS Hrachia Malkhasain (France), 5-1

66 kg/145 lbs. – Joshua Russo, Camp LeJeune, N.C. (Marines)
LOSS Roman Pacurkowski (Poland), 10-0

80 kg/176 lbs. Michael Brant, Camp LeJeune, N.C. (Marines)
LOSS Alex Kessidis (Sweden), 8-0

130 kg/286 lbs. Eric Fader, Jacksonville, N.C. (Marines), 5th
LOSS Oskar Marvik (Norway), 9-0
LOSS Ferenc Almasi (Hungary), 8-0