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Big Ten Roundup


Kemerer, Carton, and Wilke all gave up the first takedown but won their decisions while Clark passed a tough test for his first match of the season (with a little controversy). All of this made the final dual score not look good for the young Wolverine team. 

Iowa 31, Michigan 7
125: Thomas Gilman (Iowa) over Austin Assad (Michigan) (MD 20-7)
133: Cory Clark (Iowa) over Stevan Micic (Michigan) (Dec 2-0)
141: Christopher Carton (Iowa) over Sal Profaci (Michigan) (Dec 8-4)
149: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Zac Hall (Michigan) (MD 10-1)
157: Michael Kemerer (Iowa) over Brian Murphy (Michigan) (Dec 6-3)
165: Logan Massa (Michigan) over Joseph Gunther (Iowa) (MD 16-6)
174: Myles Amine (Michigan) over Alex Meyer (Iowa) (Dec 6-5)
184: Samuel Brooks (Iowa) over Ernest Battaglia (Michigan) (TF 20-4 5:19)
197: Cash Wilcke (Iowa) over Jackson Striggow (Michigan) (Dec 5-2)
285: Samuel Stoll (Iowa) over Dan Perry (Michigan) (Fall 2:22)

This is the third straight shutout Iowa has over Sparty. Gunther gets the win over Hughes and Carton beat up Gasca. I think Carton is underrated right now, which is strange because guys from the power programs usually get the benefit of the doubt. 

Iowa 44, Michigan State 0
125: Thomas Gilman (Iowa) over Logan Griffin (Michigan State) (Fall 0:45)
133: Cory Clark (Iowa) over Austin Eicher (Michigan State) (Dec 7-0)
141: Christopher Carton (Iowa) over Javier Gasca III (Michigan State) (MD 12-2)
149: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Nicholas Trimble (Michigan State) (TF 20-5 0:00)
157: Michael Kemerer (Iowa) over Austin Thompson (Michigan State) (MD 14-2)
165: Joseph Gunther (Iowa) over Austin Hughes (Michigan State) (Dec 2-1)
174: Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Drew Barnes (Michigan State) (TF 22-7 0:00)
184: Samuel Brooks (Iowa) over Wesley Maskill (Michigan State) (TF 19-3 0:00)
197: Cash Wilcke (Iowa) over Matthew Okaiye (Michigan State) (Dec 8-4)
285: Samuel Stoll (Iowa) over Jacob Cooper (Michigan State) (DQ)

The "new and improved" Gophers on paper looked to put up more of a fight, but didn't. Even Gulibon beating Thorn was an extra kick in the pants. 

Penn State 33, Minnesota 6
149: Zain Retherford (Penn State) over Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) (Fall 2:30)
157: Jason Nolf (Penn State) over Jake Short (Minnesota) (Fall 3:43)
165: Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) over Nicholas Wanzek (Minnesota) (Dec 7-4)
174: Geno Morelli (Penn State) over Christopher Pfarr (Minnesota) (Dec 5-2)
184: Bo Nickal (Penn State) over Robert Steveson (Minnesota) (Fall 2:37)
197: Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) (Dec 3-2)
285: Nick Nevills (Penn State) over Michael Kroells (Minnesota) (Dec 4-0)
125: Nick Suriano (Penn State) over Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) (Dec 8-6)
133: Mitch McKee (Minnesota) over George Carpenter (Penn State) (Dec 2-1)
141: James Gulibon (Penn State) over Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) (Dec 6-3)

Nebraska got a pin and a tech, but sadly couldn't pull off 125 or 174 to bring this dual all down to heavyweight. Bo Nickal went takedowns with TJ Dudley and looked dominant. 

Penn State 27, Nebraska 14
125: Nick Suriano PSU dec. Tim Lambert NEB, 3-2
133: Eric Montoya tech fall George Carpenter PSU, 17-1
141: Colton McCrystal NEB dec. Jimmy Gulibon PSU, 12-5
149: Zain Retherford PSU maj. dec. Collin Purinton NEB, 19-6
157: Jason Nolf PSU maj. dec. Tyler Berger NEB, 15-7
165: Vincenzo Joseph PSU maj. dec. Dustin Williams NEB, 20-7
174: Geno Morelli PSU dec. Michal Barnes NEB, 2-1
184: Bo Nickal PSU dec. TJ Dudley NEB, 10-5
197: Aaron Studebaker NEB pinned Matt McCutcheon PSU, WBF (6:01) 
285: Nick Nevills PSU pinned Collin Jensen NEB, WBF (6:01) 

I hoped Illinois would fill out the weights and really look like a top five threat this year. So far, that hasn't happened and Rutgers gets a nice win over the banged up Illinois squad.

Rutgers 19, Illinois 17
125: Brandon Paetzell (RU) dec. over Travis Piotrowski (ILL), 3-2
133: Zane Richards (ILL) dec. over Scott DelVecchio (RU), 9-7
141: Anthony Ashnault (RU) major dec. over Mousa Jodeh (ILL), 10-0
149: Eric Barone (ILL) dec. over Anthony Giraldo (RU), 5-3
157: John Van Brill (RU) wins by fall over Kyle Langenderfer (ILL), 4:46
165: Isaiah Martinez (ILL) tech fall over Willie Scott (RU), 24-8
174: Zac Brunson (ILL) dec. over Phillip Bakuckas (RU), 3-1 (SV)
184: Emery Parker (ILL) dec. over Nicholas Gravina (RU), 8-6 (SV)
197: Matthew Correnti (RU) dec. over Andre Lee (ILL), 16-12
285: Razohnn Gross (RU) dec. over Deuce Rachal (ILL), 3-2

No Snyder and Medbery unfortunately. 

Ohio State 23, Wisconsin 15
165: Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) over Cody Burcher (Ohio State) (Dec 4-1)
174: Bo Jordan (Ohio State) over Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) (MD 15-7)
184: Myles Martin (Ohio State) over Jake Stilling (Wisconsin) (TF 22-6 5:29)
197: Kollin Moore (Ohio State) over Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) (MD 12-3)
285: Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) over Josh Fox (Ohio State) (TF 16-0 5:17)
125: Johnny Jimenez (Wisconsin) over Jose Rodriguez (Ohio State) (MD 14-2)
133: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) over Michael Cullen (Wisconsin) (MD 18-5)
141: Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) over Cole Martin (Wisconsin) (Dec 8-4)
149: Micah Jordan (Ohio State) over Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) (Dec 8-2)
157: Timothy Ruschell (Wisconsin) over Jake Ryan (Ohio State) (Dec 6-2)

Even with a banged up lineup, beating Maryland seems pretty simple. Outside of Bannister, the turtles are well....

Illinois 30, Maryland 15
125: Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) over Michael Beck (Maryland) (Dec 6-1)
133: Zane Richards (Illinois) over Alex Vargas (Maryland) (TF 24-8 7:00)
141: Mousa Jodeh (Illinois) over Jhared Simmons (Maryland) (Dec 5-4)
149: Alfred Bannister (Maryland) over Eric Barone (Illinois) (Fall 1:42)
157: Kyle Langenderfer (Illinois) over Justin Alexander (Maryland) (MD 13-3)
165: Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) over Josh Ugalde (Maryland) (TF 24-8 3:00)
174: Zach Brunson (Illinois) over Sam Rowell (Maryland) (Fall 5:32)
184: Emory Parker (Illinois) over Idris White (Maryland) (MD 19-9)
197: David-Brian Whisler (Maryland) over Andre Lee (Illinois) (Dec 4-3)
285: Youssif Hemida (Maryland) over Duece Rachal (Illinois) (Inj. 1:56)

Hopefully, Sebastian keeps adjusting to 165. Both lineups are really young, but Purdue gets a nice wins as several good recruits are sitting in redshirt. 

Purdue 20, Northwestern 16
125: Ben Thornton (Purdue) over Anthony Rubinetti (Northwestern) (Dec 13-6)
133: Luke Welch (Purdue) over Jason Ipsarides (Northwestern) (Dec 8-2)
141: Alexander McKenna (Northwestern) over Kyle Ayersman (Purdue) (Dec 1-0)
149: Jeremy Golding (Purdue) over Shayne Oster (Northwestern) (Dec 6-2)
157: Alex Griffin (Purdue) over Ben Sullivan (Northwestern) (TF 16-0 3:07)
165: Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern) over Dylan Lydy (Purdue) (MD 12-4)
174: Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) over Braxton Cody (Northwestern) (Fall 0:50)
184: Mitch Sliga (Northwestern) over Tanner Lynde (Purdue) (Dec 11-7)
197: Jacob Berkowitz (Northwestern) over Christian Brunner (Purdue) (Dec 7-5)
285: Conan Jennings (Northwestern) over Tyler Kral (Purdue) (Dec 2-0)