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Michigan Crushes Oregon State

Photo: Lon Horwedel

Photo: Lon Horwedel

Michigan finished off the first half of the season in style, dominating Oregon State 48-0. 

The Beavers were without two of their ranked starters, but in the one ranked matchup things kept going Michigan's way. Defending Pac-12 champ Corey Griego off a flurry had a decent bear hug and drove forward, but going upper body with Kevin Beazley can lead to poor results as he hit a lefty headlock for the 1st period pin. 

The Wolverines had three pins and three tech falls leading to a monster score in the shutout. 

125 -- No. 10 Drew Mattin (U-M) won by forfeit [U-M, 6-0]
133 -- No. 7 Stevan Micic (U-M) tech. fall Kegan Calkins, 17-1 (6:50) [U-M, 11-0]
141 -- Sal Profaci (U-M) pinned Jack Hathaway, 4:10) [U-M, 17-0]
149 -- Malik Amine (U-M) dec. Kurt Mode, 4-2 [U-M, 20-0]
157 -- No. 4 Alec Pantaleo (U-M) dec. Hunter Willits, 10-7 [U-M, 23-0]
165 -- Reece Hughes (U-M) dec. Billy Bigelow, 5-0 [U-M, 26-0]
174 -- No. 6 Myles Amine (U-M) tech. fall Myles Terry, 20-5 (7:00) [U-M, 31-0]
184 -- No. 5 Domenic Abounader (U-M) tech. Seth McLeod, 18-1 (5:25) [U-M, 36-0]
197 -- No. 13 Kevin Beazley (U-M) pinned No. 11 Corey Griego, 2:38 [U-M, 42-0]
Hwt -- No. 2 Adam Coon (U-M) pinned Cody Crawford, 4:48 [U-M, 48-0]