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Vegas Baby

With the growing conferences forcing dual schedules to start earlier with greater difficulty, the Cliff Keen Las Vegas has become the most difficult tournament in the regular NCAA Wrestling season. It's still December 2nd as the mats are rolled up after the tournament, so very early results should be taken as such. However, there's plenty of items to reflect on as the 2017-18 college season is really starting to take shape. 

At Las Vegas, Nev., Dec. 1-2

Team Standings
1. Ohio State 155.5
2. Michigan 140
3. Arizona State 113.5
4. Northern Iowa 104
5. Nebraska 100.5
6. Virginia Tech 89.5
7. Central Michigan 82
8. Cornell 62
9. Wyoming 61
10. Stanford 58.5

Final Results
125 pounds
1st – Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) DEC Sean Russell (Edinboro), 4-3
3rd – Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) MD Drew Mattin (Michigan), 9-0
5th – Jacob Schwarm (Northern Iowa) DEF Connor Schram (Stanford)
7th – Louie Hayes (Virginia) DEC Christian Moody (Oklahoma), 6-5

133 pounds
1st – Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) DEC Josh Terao (American), 9-2
3rd – Jack Mueller (Virginia) DEC Austin Desanto (Drexel), 7-0
5th – Stevan Micic (Michigan) DEC Korbin Myers (Edinboro), 8-2
7th –Dom Forys (Pitt) MD Zach Sherman (North Carolina), 15-3

141 pounds
1st – Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) DEC Josh Alber (Northern Iowa), 8-2
3rd – Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) DEC Chad Red Jr. (Nebraska), 5-3
5th – Mason Smith (Central Michigan) M FOR Nick Zanetta (Pitt)
7th – Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) F Kanen Storr (Iowa State), 2:36

149 pounds
1st – Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) DEC Troy Heilmann (North Carolina), 9-7
3rd – Ke-shawn Hayes (Ohio State) DEC Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa), 4-3
5th – Josh Maruca (Arizona State) M FOR Colton Mccrystal (Nebraska)
7th – Zander Wick (Wisconsin) DEC Michael Sprague (American), 7-5

157 pounds
1st – Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) DEC Micah Jordan (University), 10-3
3rd – Josh Shields (Arizona State) DEC Tyler Berger (Nebraska), 6-4
5th – Archie Colgan (Wyoming) DEC Coleman Hammond (CSU Bakersfield), 6-4 SV
7th – Taleb Rahmani (Pitt) F Tristan Rifanburg (Binghamton University), 2:04

165 pounds
1st – David McFadden (Virginia Tech) F Evan Wick (Wisconsin), 2:58
3rd – Isaiah White (Nebraska) DEC Te'shan Campbell (Ohio State), 4-1
5th – Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) M FOR Nick Wanzek (Minnesota)
7th – Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) MD Jonathon Chavez (Cornell), 16-7

174 pounds
1st – Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) DEC Bo Jordan (Ohio State), 9-6
3rd – Myles Amine (Michigan) DEC Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa), 11-9
5th – Jadaen Bernstein (Navy) DEC Keaton Subjeck (Stanford), 7-5
7th – Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma) DEC Dylan Lydy (Purdue), 6-5

184 pounds
1st – Myles Martin (Ohio State) DEC Domenic Abounader (Michigan), 8-5
3rd – Taylor Venz (Nebraska) DEC Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech), 9-3
5th – Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) DEC Steven Schneider (Binghamton), 5-2
7th – Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) DEC Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan), 3-1

197 pounds
1st – Kollin Moore (Ohio State) F Jared Haught (Virginia Tech), 1:52
3rd – Jeric Kasunic (American) DEC Jacob Holschlag (Northern Iowa), 5-2
5th – Matt Williams (CSU Bakersfield) DEC Stephen Loiseau (Drexel), 7-0
7th – Nathan Traxler (Stanford) M FOR Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado)

285 pounds
1st – Adam Coon (Michigan) DEC Tanner Hall (Arizona State), 4-2 SV
3rd – Jacob Kasper (Duke) DEC Nathan Butler (Stanford), 3-1 SV
5th – Shawn Streck (Purdue) F Ryan Solomon (Pitt), 0:33
7th – Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech) MD Jeramy Sweany (Cornell), 14-6