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Dresser Fall Out

Kevin Dresser leaving Virginia Tech for Iowa State brings a lot of questions. Some could argue it's more or less a lateral move (looking at 2017 and beyond), but Dresser is heading home to his native Iowa. For that, all goes out the window as he hopes to restore one of the most iconic programs in collegiate wrestling. Even with this pushed aside, the move brings up several questions in the wake. 

The Assistants 

Tony Robie and the Paulson's could stay put. Robie could be the next head coach at the end of the season removing the interim tag. The Paulson's have done extensive work with younger levels of USA Wrestling freestyle, helping them land Kanen Storr and Ian Parker. If these three guys are on the move, you could see several ripples from the fallout. 


College wrestlers and their assistant coaches can have incredibly tight relationships leading to guys following them when they move. Kanen Storr is looking like a top four guy next year. The Michigan native has promised to stay in Ames, but top tier programs may look at him like 20 possible points at the 2018 NCAA Tournament. 


Iowa is a wrestling state for all measurable standards. However, the state only barely clips three million in population. The Hawkeyes get to recruit nationally, but splitting their home state with the Cyclones if Dresser gets it going will be another challenge for Brands and company in the modern era of college wrestling. Cael might be wringing his hands a bit if a Big 12 team can take some thunder out of one of his biggest challenges. 

The Rivalry

Iowa and Iowa State has become a ho hum matchup in recent memory. It'd be a great addition to the wrestling season to have this become a can't miss event. Another interesting thought is next season how many cogs Iowa graduates. 

This should be fun.