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B1G Preview



Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 7


  1. Thomas Gilman, IOWA
  2. Nick Suriano, PSU
  3. Tim Lambert, NEB
  4. Ethan Lizak, MINN
  5. Conor Youtsey, MICH
  6. Johnny Jimenez, WIS
  7. Elijah Oliver, IND
  8. Jose Rodriguez, OSU

#VillianGilman enters the postseason the Big 10 and National favorite but the story of this bracket will be the health of PSU’s Nick Suriano.  Suriano injured his ankle last time out and his health is still a question. If Suriano isn’t 100%, expect him to take it easy to rest up for NCAAs, which would likely open the bracket up for Tim Lambert.

Pick: Gilman over Lambert


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers  - 9


  1. Nathan Tomasello, OSU
  2. Eric Montoya, NEB
  3. Cory Clark, IOWA
  4. Zane Richards, ILL
  5. Stevan Micic, MICH
  6. Billy Rappo, MD
  7. Mitch McKee, MINN
  8. Luke Welch, PUR
  9. Scott Delvecchio, RU
  10. Eli Stickley, WIS
  11. Jason Ipsarides, NU
  12. Austin Eicher, MSU
  13. Garrett Pepple, IND
  14. Triston Law, PSU

B1G is loaded with 5 of the top 7 ranked wrestlers and NCAA seeding implications will play an important backdrop.  Nathan Tomasello went undefeated but the next 4 all beat up each other. Montoya beat Clark and Richards (but did lose to him at the All-Star Classic) and lost to Micic; Clark and Richards both beat Micic.  The Big 12 champ (Gross/Brock) will probably be on the bottom side of the bracket at NCAA so finishing 2nd could be in the inside track to a shot at being in the NCAA finals* (*assumes NCAA seeding committee follows logic).

Pick: Tomasello over Clark


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 9


  1. Anthony Ashnault, RU
  2. Jimmy Gulibon, PSU
  3. Tommy Thorn, MINN
  4. Colton McCrystal, NEB
  5. Luke Pletcher, OSU
  6. Topher Carton, IOWA
  7. Javier Gasca III, MSU
  8. Cole Martin, WIS
  9. Salvator Profaci, MICH
  10. Alec McKenna, NU
  11. Cole Weaver, IND
  12. Kyle Ayersman, PUR
  13. Ryan Diehl, MD
  14. Mousa Jodeh, ILL

Anthony Ashnault is the only wrestler ranked in the top 8 nationally, but there are 6 B1G wrestlers in the top 16 and anyone of them can not only make the finals but win it. Like at 133 everyone behind Ashnault has beaten up on each other so don't be surprised if the final bracket doesn't match the pre-seeds.  Ashnault hasn’t lost to a Big 10 wrestler since last January when he lost to Thorn.

Pick: Ashnault over Thorn


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 6


  1. Zain Retherford, PSU
  2. Brandon Sorensen, IOWA
  3. Micah Jordan, OSU
  4. Alfred Bannister, MD
  5. Kenny Theobald, RU
  6. Andrew Crone, WIS
  7. Eric Barone, ILL
  8. Chris Perez, IND
  9. Johnny Jimenez, WIS
  10. Elijah Oliver, IND
  11. Jose Rodriguez, OSU

Zain Retherford dominated this weight a year ago and coming into the year may have been the Hodge favorite.  Close matches with Sorensen and Oklahoma State’s Collica have some believing he is vulnerable.   Sorensen, a retuning B1G and NCAA finalist, surprised everyone when he took Retherford to the ultimate tiebreaker in the dual, but lost his last time out.  If either slip up, Micah Jordan will look to capitalize.

Pick: Retherford over Sorensen


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 9


  1. Jason Nolf, PSU
  2. Michael Kemerer, IOWA
  3. Tyler Berger, NEB
  4. Jake Short, MINN
  5. Kyle Langenderfer, ILL
  6. Brian Murphy, MICH
  7. John Van Brill, RU
  8. Jake Danishek, IND
  9. TJ Ruschell, WIS
  10. Alex Griffin, PUR
  11. Jake Ryan, OSU
  12. Austin Thompson, MSU
  13. Justin Alexander, MD
  14. Ben Sullivan, NU

Jason Nolf. How dominate has Nolf been this year? He has pinned or teched everyone he has wrestled this year except the #2 (Kemerer) and #3 (Berger) nationally ranked wrestlers. And he “only” majored Berger and beat Kemerer by 5.  Speaking of Berger and Kemerer they put on show in the Midland finals. Kemerer won with a little more ease during the dual, but expect an exciting semifinal.  

Pick: Nolf over Berger


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 7


  1. Isaiah Martinez, ILL
  2. Logan Massa, MICH
  3. Isaac Jordan, WIS
  4. Vincenzo Joseph, PSU
  5. Joey Gunther, IOWA
  6. Nick Wanzek, MINN
  7. Dustin Williams, NEB
  8. Drew Hughes, MSU

The top 4 wrestlers in the county are all at this weight with 2 time NCAA champ Isiah Martinez leading the way.  Expect fireworks in the semis and the finals. The most underrated story will be who finishes third.  The 3rd/4th match will have the greatest significance on NCAA seeds as a win would will likely keep the 3rd place finisher on the opposite side of the bracket from Martinez.

Pick: Martinez over Massa


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 9


  1. Bo Jordan, OSU
  2. Mark Hall, PSU
  3. Zach Brunson, ILL
  4. Myles Amine, MICH
  5. Alex Meyer, IOWA
  6. Jordan Pagano, RU
  7. Jacob Morrissey, PUR
  8. Devin Skatzka, IND
  9. Micah Barnes, NEB
  10. Chris Pfarr, MINN
  11. Ryan Christensen, WIS
  12. Drew Barnes, MSU
  13. Josh Ugalde, MD
  14. Braxton Cody, NU

This weight might have more question marks than any other weight.  Likely top seed Bo Jordan has battled injury and only wrestled 12 matches all year. Highly touted freshman Mark Hall came out of redshirt only to lose in Carver Hawkeye Arena to Alex Meyer.  Hall also has a puzzling loss to CMU’s Christian Brucki, but a Southern Scuffle Championship on his resume as well.  Fellow freshman Miles Amine has shown promise but also inconsistency. Zac Brunson is one of those guys who seem like they have been in college for 7 years, will the wily vet make a run in his senior campaign?

Pick: Brunson over Jordan


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 9


  1. Bo Nickal, PSU
  2. Sammy Brooks, IOWA
  3. Nate Jackson, IND
  4. Myles Martin, OSU
  5. TJ Dudley, NEB
  6. Emery Parker, ILL
  7. Nick Gravina, RU
  8. Hunter Ritter, WIS
  9. Mitch Sliga, NU
  10. Bobby Steveson, MINN
  11. Tanner Lynde, PUR
  12. Ernest Battaglia, MICH
  13. Shwan Shadaia, MSU
  14. Idris White, MD

Bo Nickal looks to be on a collision course with two time NCAA champ Gabe Dean in St. Louis, but first must navigate the B1G tourney that has 2 other returning NCAA finalists. With two 38 second pins over top 5 opponents a Nickal title would seem to be a foregone conclusion, but there are landmines throughout the bracket.  TJ Dudley has battled an undisclosed injury the second half the year, if he is back to his NCAA runner-up form, he needs to be taken seriously. Likewise, Myles Martin defeated Nickel when it mattered most last March and does present a style that seems to neutralize Nickal. All Sam Brooks has done is go 21-2 and avenged his only non-Nickal Loss to Indiana’s #8 Nate Jackson.

Pick: Nickal over Brooks


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 7


  1. Brett Pfarr, MINN
  2. Kollin Moore, OSU
  3. Aaron Studebaker, NEB
  4. Matt McCutcheon, PSU
  5. Ricky Robertson, WIS
  6. Jacob Berkowitz, NU
  7. Cash Wilcke, IOWA
  8. Christian Brunner, PUR

Another weight with major NCAA seeding implications with four top 10 wrestlers. Minnesota Brett Pfarr has been the class of the conference. Freshman Kollin Moore has been impressive only losing to Pfarr and Olympic Bronze medalist J’Den Cox. Studebaker, McCutheon, and Robertson should round out the top finishers.

Pick: Moore over Pfarr


Allocated NCAA Qualifiers - 5

Pre- seeds

  1. Kyle Snyder, OSU
  2. Connor Medbery, WIS
  3. Nick Nevills, PSU
  4. Michael Kroells, MINN
  5. Collin Jensen, NEB
  6. Brooks Black, ILL
  7. Youssif Hemida, MD
  8. Razohnn Gross, RU

Some believe the Ohio State wrestler, I think his name is Kyle Snyder, is the favorite despite not wrestling a full schedule. The others have never watched a wrestling match.  The underlining story here is there are 6 guys ranked in the top 16 and only 5 automatic qualifiers. No one wants their season to come down to needing a wild card spot, but it will likely be necessary for someone.

Pick: Snyder over Medberry