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Dear Trump, You Owe Us

An AP article has stated on Friday morning that the USA Wrestling contingent will not be allowed into Iran for the 2017 World Cup. The United States potent team was a contender in the event that features Freestyle Wrestling duals with eight of the top countries. 

Politics too often are, if I'm allowed to be crass, one giant measuring contest.  When the U.S. administration announced policies about immigration, refugees, and ballistic missiles against Iran, the government from Tehran would retaliate as an act of sovereignty and power struggle. 

Mr President,

I don't believe your policies are directly aimed at negatively affecting the Wrestling community. However, you owe us. 

Remember, when campaigning in Iowa, you used Dan Gable's name. Gable's name in turn gave you the presidency, because Gable wins. 

Now the World Cup, American Wrestling fans were chomping at the bit to watch our team of Jordan Burroughs, David Taylor, Logan Stieber, James Green, Nick Gwiazdowski, and more take on the world in the exciting dual format. We're incredibly saddened that the Iranian government has made this decision. 

In order to even the score there's an easy solution, Kyle Snyder vs Abdulrashid Sadulaev. 

Kyle Snyder turned 21 in November, but like any superhero, his resume is anything but close to resembling another college student’s. In a little over a calendar year, the Ohio State Wrestler won a World Championship, a Big Ten title, an NCAA title, and an Olympic Gold medal.

The Ohio State junior boasts being the youngest American Wrestling World Champion and youngest American Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist. He did miss his team’s match this past weekend in Iowa. He traveled as past of USA Wrestling to Siberia to become the first American to win the Yarygin Grand Prix since 2009. The annual Russian event is considered one of the toughest tournaments to win in the world, especially considering Americans are usually not given any favors. 

Any combat sport article with mentions of Russia & Siberia are legally obligated to compare the story to Rocky IV. However, given that Russia is the best Wrestling country in the world and the Olympic Gold medalist in the weight class below is the pride of Mother Russia, Abdulsharid Sadulaev. The grappler from Dagestan is also a young phenom. At just age 20, he owns two World Championships to add with the gold in Rio this summer.

Fans of Wrestling in the United States and Russia both want this match really badly. Even Russia's Instagram is having fun with it. 


Mr President, make this match happen. Snyder is from Maryland so any arena in the east coast will make for a perfect venue. Kevin and I will even help fill out the undercard with awesome and exciting matches. It'll be a great goodwill show, and your attendance at this event would be a huge boost to the growth of our sport.

Thank you,

Tommy Baranoski