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Sorry, No Politics Here

I love this pic. Strong shoe game. 

I love this pic. Strong shoe game. 

Do I understand that sometimes politics & sports overlap? Of course, I understand that does happen from time to time. However, the spirit of Bloodround is rooted in basically the antithesis of political dispute. 

Watching the Super Bowl was great. As someone who grew up in Michigan, watching the Super Bowl was a fun night as Tom Brady solidified himself as the greatest NFL player of all-time. Most importantly, for a little over three hours my greatest worry was whether or not the wings would taste better if I warmed them up a little more or not. 

Wrestling, to me, is that great escape. Ironically, I have a degree in Political Science and Human Geography. I hold very strong opinions on world affairs. The biggest attraction sports has is that it brings communities together. The wrestling community is fortunate to have such a sport that things, in large part, get decided between hand shakes. It's beautiful and I would argue, it's even therapeutic. 

When a tweet I sent out on Friday was featured in a NY Times article, I was shocked. Since then we have received an unfathomable amount of political statements from all angles. We have not responded to a single one. It's been tough, because one of the ways we have grown the Bloodround brand is interaction. We are fans of wrestling interacting with other fans of wrestling to talk and grow the sport. I'm very proud that we try to respond to anything sent our way. 

I do apologize for not responding this weekend though. Decisive politics is not why we are here, and basically nothing good would come from us delving into it. Please accept our apology, and we look forward to talking wrestling down the stretch of another awesome wrestling season. 

Thanks and rock on!