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It's Cael's World

Penn State went five for five in the semis all but assuring another national championship heading back with Coach Sanderson. While the other contenders never put the tournament together they needed to run them down, the warriors of Cael shined Friday night putting them once again on top of the wrestling world. 

The finals are set after a wild semis. We came into this round with all the #1 seeds alive and undefeated on the year. That would quickly change. 

Darian Cruz shocked everyone when he hit a short drag after kicking out of a Gilman shot in overtime. Ethan Lizak uses his top game to advance to the finals creating a certainly unexpected final. 

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Darian Cruz (Lehigh) 30-2 won in sudden victory - 1 over Thomas Gilman (Iowa) 30-1 (SV-1 4-2)
    Semifinal - Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) 30-6 won by decision over Jack Mueller (Virginia) 27-5 (Dec 7-0)

Clark created two similar "old man trick" scrambles in the third to end up in merkle positions for takedowns. Back to back years Tomasello falls in the semis to a Hawkeye. Seth Gross looks unfairly strong for 133 and destroyed Brock. 

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Cory Clark (Iowa) 19-3 won by decision over Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) 22-1 (Dec 7-4)
    Semifinal - Seth Gross (South Dakota State) 34-1 won by major decision over Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State) 28-3 (MD 12-3)

Heil controlled the action with Ashnault not able to crack the defense. DiCamillo won a wild back and forth match to prevent a 141 rematch of the 2016 finals. 

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) 31-0 won by decision over Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) 30-4 (Dec 4-2)
    Semifinal - George DiCamillo (Virginia) 24-4 won by decision over Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) 31-7 (Dec 10-7)

Zain wasn't interested in another long battle with Sorensen. He took him down and with a nasty back bow got the pin. Mayes used great riding and takedowns to beat Thomsen.

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Zain Retherford (Penn State) 27-0 won by fall over Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) 29-5 (Fall 2:37)
    Semifinal - Lavion Mayes (Missouri) 23-2 won by decision over Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) 30-6 (Dec 4-2)

Nolf did his thing. Lavallee gave up the first takedown but then absolutely took over.

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Jason Nolf (Penn State) 26-0 won by major decision over Tyler Berger (Nebraska) 35-5 (MD 13-5)
    Semifinal - Joey Lavallee (Missouri) 29-1 won by decision over Dylan Palacio (Cornell) 11-2 (Dec 8-5)

IMar used riding to keep from getting sloppy and letting Isaac steal one. Logan Massa kept shooting and shooting, even to the point that Joseph got a stall call to tie the match 3-3. However, about two seconds after the call another shot got Massa overextended and a well-timed inside trip from Joseph got the deciding takedown.

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) 31-0 won by decision over Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) 27-5 (Dec 2-1)
    Semifinal - Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) 21-4 won by decision over Logan Massa (Michigan) 30-3 (Dec 5-4)

It appeared Zahid had got the takedown to make the finals, but a challenge overturned it when the video showed a headgear pull during that sequence. Instead, it meant Hall was now winning with short time causing Zahid to go desperate and lose 4-3. Someone tell Realbuto he's winning!!!! After dominating Bo Jordan the whole match, instead of giving up a takedown he went for a cement mixer from their feet giving Jordan a 6-point move and the win. 

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Mark Hall (Penn State) 30-3 won by decision over Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) 36-1 (Dec 4-3)
    Semifinal - Bo Jordan (Ohio State) 18-1 won by decision over Brian Realbuto (Cornell) 26-2 (Dec 11-7)

Bo Nickal man.....throws Brooks and pins him in just 62 ticks. Gabe Dean dominated Boyd and now the 184 final will be the final match of the 2016-16 collegiate season. 

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Gabe Dean (Cornell) 34-0 won by decision over Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma State) 24-5 (Dec 9-3)
    Semifinal - Bo Nickal (Penn State) 25-1 won by fall over Sammy Brooks (Iowa) 27-3 (Fall 1:02)

All puns aside, Cox controlled the action. Pfarr wrestled a more conventional match than the Big Ten final flipping the result. 

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - J`den Cox (Missouri) 27-0 won by decision over Jared Haught (Virginia Tech) 27-3 (Dec 6-2)
    Semifinal - Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) 31-2 won by decision over Kollin Moore (Ohio State) 31-4 (Dec 13-9)

Snyder seemed to have a rib issue but that didn't stop him from making a point by going takedowns with Kasper. Give credit for Kasper fighting the whole time and throwing the kitchen sink at him, but Snyder looks like the video game character you can't win.

  Semis (32 Man)
    Semifinal - Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) 16-0 won by major decision over Jacob Kasper (Duke) 30-4 (MD 19-6)
    Semifinal - Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) 29-1 won by decision over Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) 25-3 (Dec 4-3)