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Top Programs

It seems like we apply feel a lot to how we gauge whether a program is moving up or moving down. That's why each year I like to look at recent point totals and it usually is a little surprising in some way. It's not a perfect metric, but interesting. 

It's worth noting, Andy Hamilton wrote a cool piece at TrackWrestling about teams that gained and lost the most in point differential from last year. I found it very interesting and you can find it here. 

Here are the top teams if you only use the team scores from the past four NCAA Championships:

1) Penn State: 446.5

2) Oklahoma State 362

3) Ohio State 355

4) Iowa 340.5

5) Missouri 275

6 & 7 tied) Cornell & Minnesota 252

8) Virginia Tech 250.5

9) Nebraska 220

10) Michigan 187

11) Illinois 186

12) Edinboro 167.5

13) Lehigh 140

14) NC State 133

15) Wisconsin 128

16) Oklahoma 117.5

17) Iowa State 117